What is coming with clown?

What should be expected as far as new guardian raids or chaos dungeons?
Like i want to park my main at 1475 and work on my alts and hopfully main change but i also dont want to miss out of chaos and the whale gold rush. should i push to 1490 or just chill for now?

It’s just the raid and the practice mode.

Brelshaza brings a new Chaos Dungeon /1490/ Kal Eligos Guardian /1490/.

If you’re a dps, stopping at 1475 will not get you invited however, so do keep pushing if you intend to do the content week 1.


or buy the bus
no rush dont have to buy overpriced Relics
its going to take 2-3 months to complete clown upgrade gear

clown will not be afk bussable until brelshaza raid release unless you have the most skilled party of 3 1575s bussing you

What is coming? Major party finder gatekeeping of course


As far as I know, Clown, Scouter and QoL’s (balance changes? maybe). The next guardian/chaos is for 1490 with Brelshaza raid.

If you wanna do Clown week 1 my advice is: push your main. You need 1490 and 5x3 to be comfortable in pugs. If you have less than that you will have a rough time.

If u park your main at that GS u need to do clown cuz at 1475 u dont get Argos Gold.

If you have static group then its okey to park your main at 1475. But if you want to pug it, I’m not sure the elitist will invite you.
I think the random elitist wont invite you under 1480 and without 5x3.


You can always just gather mats and push once you know whats coming / what you need.

However its for sure never the wrong move to push any character you realistically can to 1490 since youll be getting new mats from guardian / chaos dungeon / brelshaza raid which will be going for crazy amounts of money just like back in the day when greater honor leapstones were new.

Im planning to park my main at 1490 / 1500ish so I can comfortably get into the pug groups that actually clear the new raid week 1 and then ill work on at least 1 or 2 other 1490s with one being Scouter once it releases

Also make sure to save up on all of your fused leapstones for mad ilvl gains once you swap over to brelshaza gear :+1:

Well I mean why would you not get 5x3 for your static group if youre somewhat serious about the game, sounds kinda halfass to me. I never understood people wanting to have their main sit at the same powerlevel as some of their alts, crazy to me. Id always want my main to be pumping the hardest or id feel line having a roster with only alts.

Does anyone know if KR stopped getting gold from Argos after 1475?

Yes, also i know, in KR if u are 1475 u dont get Gold from Argos cuz u have Valtan / Byakus / Kakul or later Byakus / Kakul / Brell.

But we dont know if its in West too, like the 1415 Limit with Oreha.

Drink tea and wait. If u are not FULL Sure, just park your Main / alt 1472,5 :slight_smile:

Cuz i have static group im not worries but people that PUG only. Having a great time week 1 i gues.

I simply stop at 1472 cause no one will accept me for next raid, at least i will have gold from Argos, gl with next raid at 1475…

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Because I cant. The AH is empty and there is no 3x class 5x grudge/cursed doll/keen blunt/raid captain accessory. (EUC) I saw 1 between all slot and it was quality 50 and 90-150k gold.


clown busses as far as i’ve seen are dps busses

ie you have one severely overgeared guy who does the majority of the damage while the other 3 focus on living and doing the mechanics

1505 gs + 25 weapon + lvl 11 gems


What is coming?
People complaining here that other people gatekeep their 4x3 character.

same here just lvling up alts instead prob gunna have to quit until prices come back to earth

Makes no sense Relics are still marked up by over 1000% no cap.
10,000K acc being sold still for 80-100K gold
OK well the whales have left building already got BIS in 1st week.
Only F2P/ dolphin players left looking at the AH.
So good luck selling it.

Id know I’m selling a “100K” acc too other ppl as well and none or others sold in a week lol. If you look at recent sales in the 100-200K range not many buyers so yeah weird situation where people selling acc at RMT prices, but not many RMT buyers.

If it follows then yes you will NO LONGER get gold from Argo’s when clown comes out at 1475.

Or you can just buy legendary books for your class and one more (grudge/cursed doll). Itll make your life easier since you dont need to find BiS accessory and dont have to cut too many stones for 7/7.