What is Easy Anti-Cheat actually doing?

I’m curious why Easy Anti-Cheat even still exist? ‘industry-leading anti–cheat service, countering hacking and cheating in multiplayer PC games’. If there was no Easy Anti-Cheat you wouldn’t notice a difference, They were cracked many years ago do they not know that? They have 0 impact in any game. So why does AGS partner with them or any other company infact. What are they doing?


It only really prevents you from opening another instance of LA. Speedhack? Come through, my brother. Wallhack? Welcome. Who knows, probably more hacks out there


Incorrect sir!

With no EAC, the game would no longer feel like it’s loading on a 5200 rpm mechanical disk drive.


Companies are consumers too. And just like dumb people buy products and services they don’t really need because they don’t know any better… dumb companies do too.

Easy Anti-Cheat doesn’t even do anything… yet Amazon pays them money to do it. They’re geniuses.

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Just mining off of your rig, ive never seen my temps and fans run so high playing a game like this. :joy:


Is that why the stupid game takes an eternity to load? It should also be called Easy to Cheat


i would notice a diffrence if they remove it, i wouldnt be kicked for no reason at all multiple times a day anymore …

Nothing of value.

Nothing. Especially when people turn it off.
Not even joking about that. It’s so bad it can be turned off.

The only thing it does is make the game take 5-10 mins to load.

Genuinely i think the only reason games use EAC and the like is so that it looks like they are “doing something” about cheating in the game when it inevitably happens. They can then blame it on the third party software when it fails to do anything perfect, scape goat.


EAC is a “starter pack” for noobs companies.

It’s a malware that scan your computer while playing, cause GPU / CPU heat for absolutely nothing, and make your game launch in 4mn instead of few second.

You just can’t modify server-sided (on any ONLINE game) content like crystals etc… it’s useless and the worse anti-cheat

EAC doesn’t cost anything, which is good as it’s not worth anything.

it only depend on wich side the devs places their market content, if it’s client-sided, too bad, such a bad moove lol

That’s not really the case here. KR version of Lost Ark doesn’t use EAC. They use EAC over here because otherwise we’d have naked game that doesn’t have any sort of protection against cheating… i mean that’s what they will tell us. We do know that EAC is worse than if there was no protection whatsoever.

… I guess maybe it helps pvp cuz normal players wont rly bother to mess with EAC.

The only thing EAC can do is against “normal user” trying to speedhack the game (lol).

Bots uses modified version of the game to inject and bypass this crap

and if you do it serverside people go whack why their game they want to play SP requires online connection all the time. There is not a right choice really :stuck_out_tongue:

This is because Warframe only communicates with the server when starting / ending a mission.
It also communicated when accessing crafting, mods and similar database required features.

You can actually disconnect your internet during a Solo mission and it will do nothing. Editing was possible for this reason. Tell server your starting. Tell server you finished with XYZ edited.

The game still uses this system also. There’s no database ping until you finish a mission.

They had this bug too when they added dojos. Players could edit dojo resources client-side and it’d save to the server.