What is going on with these bans?

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@MrLee @Fenrirskoll

Two of my guildies now have been banned this week. Legitimately the most legit players there are with 1000s of hours of play time shared amongst both of them. Is there some sort of new Bot tracing autoban that got implemented in this last update? You guys are really affecting our GvG static and it’s becoming quite annoying.

Or maybe @Roxx can you please comment? This is certainly affecting my community and there hasn’t been word from y’all about new bot measures.

have your friends post what happened in our thread.

we are hoping for some change and attention to these issues.

we were guided to do so by @Fenrirskoll

Yeah, got banned this week too.
I was collecting a mokoko on Yorn that requires you to break up a barrier, it takes about 15-20 minutes, every hit you do to the barrier does 1 damage, so it does not matter if you use skill or spam basic attacks. So what I did was i just kept C (basic attack button) pressed and just kept watching some youtube on the other monitor, I got a warning saying “suspicious moviment” so I just started moving around and casting skills until I broke the barrier. A few minutes later I get a message saying I was banned for cheating… So I opened a ticket to support and they said they would review my case and give me an answer… Well, I have been waiting 3 days and got 0 answers. This is a pretty common issue, a lot of people got banned for the same thing and support isnt helpful at all…
Legit players getting banned for literally nothing and bots are still in the game…

Hello @onCruiseCTRL, @lawahez, and @gaubi,

I am sorry to hear about the bans you mention but please bear in mind the self-same post of mine you are quoting states we do not handle bans or appeals in the forums and how you should proceed. Shed light on my recent banned - #21 by Fenrirskoll

Best of lucks to you! :wolf:

my friend, i clearly stated that our thread was created because you guided us to.

it is a feedback thread on the feedback page, as you specifically told us to do on my earlier thread on the support page.

i guided this person to join us since i am aware this isnt in your hands.

im sure this is a misunderstanding, as you deal with 1000s of posts a day. just reminding you.

have a good one

Hello @lawahez,

Note the current post we are talking under is in the General Support section of the forums, not under feedback. My previous answer is mainly for @onCruiseCTRL who opened this post in this section quoting another post of mine and to guide them on how to proceed with the questions made.

In regards to the other post you created under the feedback section, I wish you luck. :wolf: