What is happening right now was easy to predict

Support players shortage. Regardless of the reasons it all goes down to the fact that most people want to be the “main figure” when they play something. Not saying that this is bad, people play what and how they want, but this was so easy to predict that when I started playing the game I created a support because I would get to enjoy doing the content without the struggle to get into a party because of my class, and for me that takes priority.
So yeah unless we get some new players coming up with supports or others giving up on their DPS, the game will stay like this for a while and it might be bad on the long term.


If they wanted to be the “main figure” theyd have rolled a gunlancer or paladin cause nothing looks more chad than staying at full hp during a wipe mechanic.


Same as every game, support is always a shortage.


Oh yeah! On the valtan run with my friends when the first anchor mechanic happens, I use my pally ult and then tank the mechanic in the center of the arena lmao

Ofc was easy to predict, all mmorpgs are like this.


But I am main Supp and trust me, main figure. I don’t even remember the names of the DPS’s in my groups, they do remember mine, and all the lobbies are waiting for me and others like me to join them so we can carry them.

Who’s the main figure here? lol



but true right? :grimacing:

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It’s easy to predict because it’s normal.

In so many games (MMOs and not) “support” players are not the majority and they never will be, if anything support roles/jobs/classes have been always a small portion of the playerbase because there is a clear proclivity towards DPS.
People like doing the big damage, they like being at the top and playing for a stronger character that they can feel is powerful.
Supports do not satisfy this thirst and end up being a minority, and that isn’t going to change because that’s just how things are.

People aren’t going to switch to supports in bulk just because there’s a new one, there’s more to it than that and it’s something people need to understand.

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indeed, I see many players asking for artist release so the supports will increase. They will not in a significant number because most people that main supports are already playing one.


That’s not entirely true, supports are also less popular/played because they are intended to be played less.

Mmorpgs in general are designed around dps being the majority.

Imagine trying to prog a mythic raid in WoW with only tanks and healers. Some people might enjoy trying that, but the game is certainly not tuned for all tanks and healers, nor is it tuned for a majority of the group being tanks and healers.

The truth is that supports/healers usually play worse than their dps counterparts, and most default mmorpg’s UIs are poorly designed for healing.

Another Artist thread. Great. Exactly what the forums need.

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If we had artist I would play it.

Yet I just said the exact opposite early, regardless of artist coming to us early it will make 0 difference on support availability. Argos and oreha might get a pump, but legion? nah.

obviously they would need time to catch up in ilvls

Already shown on KR that adding artist only decreases the number of paladins and bards. It doesn’t add to the overall support pool. It still hovers at low 23%.

because its very new? and they have bards and palas for how long? so much investment there already. theres people with 6-7 bards and more and maybe someone with 6-7 palas. did people have the time to invest in 6-7 artists?

So you are gonna try to make a point that its still so new that it cannot help the problem after several months passing by (btw its been out as long as NA/EU has)…but you also want to push this as some solution too.

Do you even read the things you type? Or do you want to argue against empirical evidence because you are busy drowning in your own bias?

It was easy to predict because most people in 1415+ bracket paid2win with bot gold. Most people are not going to spend their real money to gear a character up so other people can play the game. People are spending money to see big numbers.

Yea some people min/maxxed/no-lifed to get to that tier, but theyre in minority compared to gold buyers, or there wouldnt be 400k bots farming gold to sell

using KR numbers in the west is the dumb move ur using. if we get artist earlier, more people can switch mains because its still easy to catch up. KR is 3 years old and artist is only a few moths old there. ours version is only a few months old. the time we dont have artist is much shorter than KR.

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