What is happening right now was easy to predict

Generally speaking, AGS lacks player support, so what did you expect :eyes:

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Are you implying that supports don’t play the game because their role is to enable other people/builds?

Im saying in the mind of a highly competitive player willing to spend money to win, they arnt gonna spend money on a sup to do nothing. They want big explosive numbers so they can be the dps hero who gets the mvp(even though ironically its usually the supports that get mvp). Ive literally seen pay2winners say supports should be removed from mvp list :joy::joy:

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money doesn’t buy fingers :joy: :joy:
I ran in a few whales that cried when I got the mvp

if you cant clear the content without a support you shouldn’t be doing that content. supports are irrelevant you don’t need them at all.

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NA just doesn’t do supports/healers in any game. And if they do they want to be a dps healer somehow.

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It’s such a weird topic because its literally the same case across almost every single mmo. I’m not sure what they could do short of providing a hyper express event to give people the opportunity to swap or something.

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It would help a lot if the community would just accept that the support shortage exists and give honest college tries to non-support runs. From what I’ve seen Valtan doesn’t require a support in literally any way. Argos needed supports more with all the rampant chip damage in phase 3, and even there it was nice to have but not necessary. Valtan, though, if you can clear it at all you should be able to clear it with or without a support. Supports might move the threshold up for a successful clear slightly but it doesn’t seem like it would actually be by that much.

Unfortunately this is the rock and the hard place in modern MMOs. People that take the game at all seriously want to min-max the everloving shit out of it, even to the detriment of themselves and the broader community, and then most people not in that group are instead in a completely opposite group where they feel like any preparation or attentiveness is too big an ask. It’s very hard to find people who are both competent and not high-strung.


You know how WoW handled that - put a satchel with goodies if you joined randoms as a “desired class” aka the classes that were missing in dungeon finder - 99.99% of time it was healer and tanks. Boom, a ton of those spawned in a few months. It didn’t resolve the issue entirely but it was a LOT more manageable than before that. The more severe the shortage was, the more stuff was in that bag, too. It scaled. There were times when I was tempted to log on an alt to run a few dungeons because the rewards were so juicy at certain hours.

So in LA, we can have extra gold rewards for supports or something else. Potions, skins (sellable), something of value. Give incentive to people to play support.

EDIT: Actually now that I think about it, the best reward would be a RESET TICKET! Win-win. So supports could run an instance multiple times, getting the gold several times and pouring “even more” (not really different but hey) supports into the pool. Or maybe a token of some sort, when you get 3-5-whatever, you exchange for a reset ticket.

Good thing you don’t need supports to clear anything currently. Just have to play good.

Here are a couple reasons I don’t feel comfortable going to raids with my support:

  • I don’t like raids. Pretty simple really. I don’t find it fun to memorize a routine and try to do that routine perfectly. I don’t like mechanics that can 1 shot the raid because someone didn’t move a second faster
  • support gearing: since I dislike raids, I want to be overgeared if I do step into one, which would be 4-5 engravings. This is too expensive
  • lack of patience with the playerbase in general: they can do 8-10hrs to do a raid boss the first day or two, but expect after that everyone has “watched the video” and “knows the mechanics”. I’m sorry bro, but the only way you really know the mechanics is by trying and failing and so if I am late to the party (argos) your impatience with me is what makes me say “hard pass”.

Why did I make a support? I like guardians and abyssal isn’t bad, so I have those I can do those. Chaos sucks as support as does questing.

How to make it so I play my support more? Probably kill the guild system penalties so I can join one that is good at teaching and being patient as someone learns the mechanics before content goes on farm mode. Also, make non-group better by giving supports a DPS buff for when they solo…I could feel the difference between doing South Vern quest line in doing it first with DPS then later with my pally…was so slow and sluggish and I changed to have 3 judgement to make it go better and still sucked ass.

I saw it coming when no one in my WoW guild wanted to play a support, so I volunteered.

I’m glad I did because I save a ridiculous amount of consumables and gold. Support privilege is awesome.

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I’d rather have honing books to make honing easier to level my support alt.

My support is going to stay parked at 1370 until my main gets to 1450, which is probably 4-6 weeks away based on my honing luck lol. Though if we get another good event next month, might be closer to 3 weeks.

Ngl this happen on any MMORPG lol

Any reward that is valuable works. But the ticket would be better. We have supports, it’s just that they are sitting there locked out as anyone else waiting for reset. And people playing chicken with each other waiting for others to create more. Why not use what we have available ?

If they had a reset ticket each time they cleared in the first week for example, and a few chests of HP pots/grenades each time they cleared at least 1 gate, there would always be enough on launch day. They get insta geared and swim in gold an everyone else gets supports available when they are needed most. Later they can nerf the reward to 1/2 ticket (through tokens) or whatever they see fit to avoid farming.

Do you have proof of there waiting?

Just go to party finder and see how many groups are 6/8 or 7/8 waiting for supports ;D

I think the other issue this game has is there is basically no new players coming into the game, been doing all the lower level areas on my toons to get the field bosses and stuff I need for my journal and its a ghost town. Went into the Feiton chaos gate yesterday and I was the only person there attempted the Feiton field boss as well there was 3 of us there and it ran out of time and failed. They really need to start focusing on getting new players into the game.

Personally I play supports in every game and there is always less support players than dps players but if we had a steady stream of new players there would be more supports as well. But I think the only thing this game has a steady stream of is Bots.


tbh me to for test and who knows,
still really waiting for summoner tho :wink:

FF14 and WoW alternate between tank and healer shortage. In FF14 healer shortages are brief from my experience, and there are times in both games where I…uhg…need to wait as a healer. O_O