What is happening?

I have been reading the forum regularly regarding all kind of staff since the very start of our region but the past few days i v seen many threads and comments about people getting banned for basically no reason at all.

The game so far was doing great! Besides all the technical problems that its still facing its doing great, the numbers were looking good and you should keep in mind that those problems were caused by the huge population of people waiting to play the game.
Im not here to defend amazon games or anyone in that matter, im just getting the facts strait.in my opinion there would be no better publisher to get a huge tittle like LA from smile games with out messing up the whole cash shop and making the game unplayble and dead in a few months.
Yes, amazon did make a mesh of their own new game( new world) and didn’t properly deliver LA to us but everyone who has tried to play games at launch knows how those things work so the most of us that actually love the game will bear with it for as long as they have to
But now this? This is something different to me

I don’t know whats the rule with the code of conduct or for anything in that matter and lets be honest nobody even reads them, we just know the basics about them but this is some next level bad stuff.
People getting banned for purchasing a founders pack and refunding it so they can get a another one that is more expensive? Are you guys for real? Is this actually a thing? Amazon is banning costumers for spending more money that they intend to ? Can someone explain please how does this eve make sense?

Game has already lost almost 500k active since launch but numbers dropping was something to be expected but include all the q times the past month along with the in game issue not being able to do your chaos or guardians daily’s sure made some of the people drop the game but for the love of god ,please just please, stop killing the game your self with that stupid bans!! Why on earth would people get banned for something like this?? And even if thats how you want to treat your costumers , why would you let them refund in the first place??? Let people know how things are from the start and stop messing around with all that BS.

Lastly i would like to mention @Roxx ,
I know you are trying your best,
You answer in all threads that you deem necessary and give people feedback and ease, you are doing what all those years wow failed to do, interact and listen to the community problems and i can safely say from the most of us in this forum a big thanks but you would need to do more.Help the players stay in the game and talk to sense to the people in AGS…

Im sorry for the long post, i felt the need to say all of those things and sympathise with all of those people who got banned for playing and spending/supporting the game we love…
Hope things get clear soon.