What is it "a particularly valuable reward" from Hyper Express Event?


What is it “a particularly valuable reward” from Hyper Express Event?

gold, random accessories, many leapstones to push for 1415 or something, similar to what you got in the super express

Maybe a legendary selection pack or a free booba skin

legendary selection card pack?

can be used on the main character even if it’s not 1302-1370???

Super Express Complete Chest, which contains 1000 Gold, one Relic Rapport Selection chest, three Legendary Rapport Selection Chests, 3.000.000 silver, 34 Legendary Card Packs (including Epic Card Pack x10 and Rare Card Pack x20), five Unidentified Powerful Stones of Soaring, Raid/Victory/Adventure Seal (each x10.000), Sailing Coin Selection Chest x10, Epic Combat Engraving Recipe Chest x20, Epic Class Engraving Recipe Chest x20, Creation Fragment x30, Epic Accessory Chest x20, and Honour Leapstone x50.

(at least what an old site said about the other express) Probably something along the lines of leggo card packs or rapport chests, or maybe just a bunch of upgrade items like incertia said. Or maybe another mokoko pet. :person_shrugging:

I think is the reward you get when you complete all of the express missions (not counting the extra ones)

Yeah thats obvious. What i think OP is asking what exactly is in that box for completion

obviously its the friends we made along the way



Sound like they were gonna start selling me a stretch armstrong or a nerf gun…

It’s definitely that but with some more mats/gold/silver/ghl. Maybe even some more or smth extra. No less.