What is May update actual release date?

:blush: gonna use 2 days PTO for the release, wonder if I just take them on 19th&20th, or bet on they are not able to release this big of an update on time, and take 26 and 27 off

19th is the target date. Nothing has been set in stone yet.

what are you gonna use PTO for? 2 chaos dungeons?



yea not like we have some major update planned, crazy

Its op choice to take day off. I personally would like to take days of from work each week even if I spend all the time watching netflix :smile:


Still targeting the same date! Official announce should be this week for shininess.


Still no power pass for Destroyer?



no. if you were planning to play destroyer it’s your problem not to have kept the one they gave you a few weeks ago.


Yes it’s my problem i didn’t save the 7 day power pass for the Destroyer a month later…Totally my fault for believing something is not bugged in game…


Honestly as someone who saved their express event in case of this exact circumstance, if they released a power pass for people at this point all it would do is convince me that the meta for this game is not to plan for anything, but to bitch and moan as loud as possible until I either get banned or get my way.


The express event is trash, the only good part about it is the lv 4 100% prize the other stuff is irrelevant…

…And the double honing?

Double honing on t1 wow what a nice thing…It makes no difference, it’s not even close to a power pass that skips instantly all stupid t1 and t2 main quests…

Bottle of liquor of your choice if the patch notes are out this week…

Idk if you you played the first week of the patch, opened your box late or didnt even pay attention but the powerpass initially had a 1 week timer and the issue wasnt addressed for just over 2 weeks. Those if us who paid attention likely used it but hmmmm… Our fault for not expecting it to be a bug because how dare we expect a company to get something right on something as important as a powerpass. We’re such idiots for expecting Amazon to get something right. Fools we are.

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I read the patch notes, which showed a 3 month expiry. Did you?

If in fact you read both the patch notes and the in-game tooltip, I have to ask: Why did you take the most alarmist position and not get clarification first?

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Not everyone reads patchnotes nor reads every single word on patchnotes…Most people just skim over it to see what is coming…

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Then let this be a valuable lesson.