What is May update actual release date?

A valuable lesson that everything should be expected to be bugged and to not expect devs,cms or wtvr to communicate that until it’s too late?

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No, a valuable lesson in actually reading patch notes. Though I can see by your response that you aren’t going to take it to heart.

I can sympathize with you for making a mistake and burning your power pass on a class you didn’t prefer it on. I can’t sympathize with you for whining and wanting the world your way because you made a mistake.


a valuable lesson that you should not panic use your resources when it seems to be wrong and ask people for help, and yes, expect bugs because bugs happen

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I cant understand you’re stance on this. Why would it be such an issue to stick to one pass per character like the 3 other versions what are you gaining from this? Its only a gain for everyone and the only thing you’d lose would be this apparent superiority complex (maybe a flex?) you seem to be displaying.


I didn’t panic use it…I saw that it would last 7 days and thought it made sense because every other server got one per class release…It just made sense that it would last only a week…


yes, that’s called panic use

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This wouldn’t even be such a big issue if KT didn’t take a fucking eternity to be applied even tho you wasted gold on it.

it’s not an issue, in fact i think we all want that- the problem is smilegate is definitely not gonna do it at this point, very obviously.


how about learning to plan ahead and just play the game

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Panic use? It’s called expecting a company to have their sht together like seriously how is it we allow the gaming industry to be such a mess, you wouldnt tolerate this from any other business sector.

How about things not coming bugged so we can actually use it right?
Why is it players fault a bug happened that made you lose stuff instead of the company’s fault for not doing better?

you still expect that after all this time?

Because it isn’t happening. If you didn’t plan for that possibility, then you’re stuck dealing with the consequences. Nothing wrong with that.

It’s not a superiority complex. We all miss out on things due to planning mistakes. I’m sitting here broke because I completely failed to capitalize on the gold boom, and wasted the early gold on knowledge transfer without knowing it would suddenly dry up. Mistakes happen to everyone.

All I’m asking is that you take those mistakes gracefully like the rest of us do, and continue on with your life instead of complaining incessantly on the forums.


You people are only like this because it’s Destroyer, if it was another class, if it was the precious stupid Artist people would be burning this forum to the ground.


dude, you gotta stop with that inferiority complex bs. this is not about a specific class

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Okay so huperthetically if id planned for it to be a bug and it turned out that it wasnt and the pass expired we’d be having the exact conversation we are now but it would have been my fault because youd then say… “yeah well the date was there why didnt you take note of it” would you or would you not. Exactly.

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No, you’d see that the patch notes and tooltips disagree and ask for clarification on the forums. Which people did, and got an answer within like a day. And you’d have no reason to expect otherwise because Roxx has answered all of those urgent questions in a very short timeframe.

except it was very well know from like the day after patch, on the forums, that it was just a visual bug and it was never gonna expire, and they would also fix it before the expiration time

and don’t say you don’t read the forums cuz i see you around all the time

Yeah just like that day she said they fixed the game breaking bugs and would release the patch right…No game breaking bugs there…

From who because the 1st reply from a CM acknowledging that it was in fact a bug was well after the timer ended. Oh you mean take advice from this ever reliable forum community?