What is most frustrating about the class releases

The thing is they never actually said they were going to do this. The closest they ever got was “We know players want us to release classes faster, but there are problems with doing this yadda yadda yadda”.

Every 2-3 months was the original estimate and they have never said otherwise until now when they locked in a 2 month cadence.

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We’ll be there in 3 and a half years or so. If sunset isn’t sooner anyhow.

They have been saying one month even went as far as saying they’d like to go faster than that…

When the class you named sniped for since day 1 turns out to be mediocre.

I imagine the more people wait the worse that feeling is going to be. Good luck with that.

This is literally the only thing they’ve said about class release rates since launch:

“As we read the forums, watch streams and videos, check-in on Discord, and hop in-game, we’ve seen feedback that players would like skins and Advanced Classes to be released at an accelerated rate. These two categories of content are entwined, which is one of the reasons that speeding up too much is tricky.”

If you have a reference to anything else, I’d love to see it.

They could I dunno, release 2 classes then a legion raid, 2 classes then a legion raid… that would still bring us to december before all classes are out, except female zerker and aeromancer which gives them another 2 months and legion raid.

The thing is that when we say it some things it has different meaning for different people even though both are right in a way or another.

1º Fast Classes releases
Player 1: fast is 1 class per month
Player 2: fast is 2 class per month
Player 3: fast is 3 class per two months
AGS/SMG: fast is 1 per two months

Comparated with other region, yeah all are correctly, is fast even though is 1 day early, but that not mean that is the right thing.

Another example

2º About Artist helping to increase support players
Player 1: it will undoubt help to increase.
Player 2: it won’t help at all

In the case player 2, help mean to have a huge noticiable support increase, maybe with even start lacking DPS player, in the case of player 1 it mean that even if it gives 1 more support in the game it is considerated help even though isn’t something noticiable, but it seems people only accept if is noticiable thing, so it will indeed help but it won’t be a noticiable thing, so it will be considered that didn’t help at all.

Now back to class release, a lot of player didn’t liked and some liked, AGS stated that this way it will have more new player and returning player in the long run, completely true but a lot of them didn’t start playing or quitted the game because of the wait.

I could have waited, but the way the system work with the equipaments and mains source of leapstone be character bound in daily and weekly content, make it almost impossible to your main yet to be released to catch up with your currently main, and if you are a f2p that i believe most of people are or expend most on skins, it will take months to bring their new main to the last endgame content at that time, in meanwhile your old main will keep progressing, so it’s very likely that for the f2p ones it will never catch up to the main or surpass it to be the highest ilvl characters, maybe it can really surpass but it may take half a year or even more, unless you purposely fuck up a lot your old main progress then your new main will surpass sooner.

In my case i like to play Artist, so only next year, if i choose to continue to play tomorrow until her release my currently 1420 Bard could very well be 1560 at that time or more, artist would likely have power pass, express event and stronghold research to help with it, but that would be until 1460 or 1490? that mean it would have one 70 to 100 or even more ilvl to catch up with bard that in meanwhile it will still get more leapstones to hone. I would have to stop making gold with tradable leapstone and save for her, but as f2p that is a huge weekly gold loss.

So why i would play a game when the character i want to play won’t be released for a long time, and when it is released its very likely that it won’t catch up with my currently highest character for more months to come?

Iirc, pretty sure there was a dev response on this on multiple occasions. Maybe I’m wrong, but regardless I don’t want to have to dig through the fourms on months of responses to player feedback. I will say this though, it does make it look like it is going that direction when they release Glaivier and then destroyer the month after. So even if they didn’t say anything it is fair for people to assume they were going for a monthly scheduled release.

It’s fair to assume it, sure. It’s not fair however to say they “went back on it” just based on previous release patterns, especially when it’s only over two months.

They never said 1 a Month. we got 2 in a row and was lucky to have that.

its always been 2-3 months.

Classes we have left are some of the least played on KR.

People thinking Artist will be huge or Scouter are smoking something.

Nothing lol None of the unreleased classes are that strong soooooo.

Only thing I want to see on roadmap is honing buffs + power passes for sale.

Bros the majority of ppl were asking for faster classes when we were already at one class per month. Then they double that time because of reasons. God have mercy this is just predatory greed

The worst ? Their explanations :

" business intelligence "

" classes are chosen based on reworks or legion raid mechanics "

" destroyer was picked to show his impressive stagger damage on Valtan "

Feb: Release
March: -
April: Glavier
May: Destroyer
June: -

Seems like you have the pattern wrong. Hard to make a statement of fact “one class per month” when there are only 3 points of data to draw from.

Wether or not they were releasing one class a month, im saying ppl were complaining it was too slow even during the monthly class release. To go back and slow it down is just laughable at this point

with that logic, out of all the classes that have yet to drop the Arcanist is least popular in KR,

Its the oldest

point is none of them are popular

Thanks to all the artist scout threada we got punished

gj guys, time to continue cry about honing, i hope they remove artisan

What’s really depressing is when you’ve been saying it for weeks.

Wow I found another logical \ sensible person on the forum.

I can link to 25+ day old posts of myself saying the same but I think it’s pointless at this point.

We’re not convincing anyone.

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