What is stronghold max capacity?

as title says, my stronghold is lvl 55 and im at 499/500 capacity i want to put more stuff but i cant.
anyone know the max capacity?

I think is because you use a lot of vine fences (small ones), maybe?

stronghold lvl 70, all research complete
it doesn’t go any higher unless there’s still stronghold research that we don’t have yet

damn so we are at max with 500, i guess i can try and use less vines fences but its rough. thanks for the reply fella’s

or use the large ones

If only I could give my stronghold capacity to others. I have placed a grand total of 5 items in mine,

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That’s a good looking Estate. If only i had the capacity to design :smiley:

3 items and i’m done., some poorly placed statues :smiley:

Ah yes you may like these: