What is the best 5th engraving for my paladin?

So my Paladin have

Blessed aura
Heavy armor

What is the 5th I should be working towards?

There are actually some options for you to explore:

  • Vital point hit (Level 3)
    If you would like to help out stagger check-in raid encounters a bit more

  • Drops of Ether (Level 3)
    Lift your support potential up a little. Ethers it generates are pretty strong (damage buffs. crit rate buffs). but the downside of it is pretty obvious as well (Ethers it generates are random and at a random location, your teammate has to pick the right one up to gain its effect)

  • Spirit Absorption (Level 3)
    Generally not needed if you are building swift since you will be capped out of MS with yearning set. optional if you are weighting your stat towards spec.

  • Judgment (Level 1)
    You can utilize it to gain more meters on judgment skills.

5th engraving for supports are pretty much just QoL engravings. so it is purely up to your playstyle

Few off-meta engravings that might work out as well
Magick Stream (Level 3) cooldown reduction & Mp recovery with condition
Explosive Expert (Level 3) more dark grenades uses I guess
MP Efficiency Increase (Level 3) MP recovery without condition

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Thank you for your response!
I am going specialization so Spirit sounds like a good add then!

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Replace HA ,Expert & Awakening with Grudge, Increase mass & Precise Dagger … okay you’re good to go, enjoy :rofl::rofl::rofl:

dont think so lol

Magic Stream

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Please don’t go specialization.
Like it’s horrible compared to swiftness.

3x3 with 1500+ swiftness is better than 5x3 with 500 swiftness. Not even close.

ok then I will redo when I get relic acc!

heavy armor is like lvl 1-2 5th engraving or 6th with ancient gear since pally alr tanky imo heavy armor not worth for paladin . i prefer
vital point
drop of ether ( for more rng )
magic stream (10% cd one iirc )
exploxive 1 -2 lvl ( i use this cuz im in static group )