What is the exact end date for Arkesia Grand Prix?

Per the 10th March patchnotes all we were informed was:

The Arkesia Grand Prix will be live for roughly a month after the March update, until the April Update releases.

So what is the exact date that the Arkesia Grand Prix will end?


I would like to know as well

April 14th is when the April update is.

I’d guess April 14th, the books from the event shop expire then.

The… tokens say on them.

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:rofl: Yeah, good point.

Oof. I was thinking that book expiry was just a flat two weeks from when purchased from vendor.

04/07/22 to 04/13/22 11:59 pm. So once you brought everything from vendor on that week, you don’t need to run the race anymore.

My question is whether or not the NPC is going to be around after the event ends. If the answer is yes, then we can continue doing the races til the end of the event and claim the rewards after reset for the accumulated points. If the answer is no, then we can stop racing because the accumulated points will just go to waste. @Roxx any chance you can verify either of these?

The event books now ends on 04/21/22. But there is no indication that the npc will still be around after maintenance.