What is the geographic location of "Western Europe" supposed to be?

So in the US there’s 2 server pools, east and west, pretty straightforward choice depending on where you live.

For Europe, since there are no language flagged servers, obviously you should pick the server pool that’s in your region. However, to many Europeans, when they hear “Central Europe” and “Western Europe” they think of the same thing, mostly countries west of Russia. There’s a map on Wikipedia that defines “Western Europe” as France, Ireland, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. Are those the intended regions for this server pool?

Just asking because as a European myself I’m a little confused about which region to pick now. IMO a east/west divide like in the US would make more sense instead of having central/west as your options. But I imagine renaming “EU central” to “EU east” wouldn’t go over well. So how’s this gonna turn out now?

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It is only for UK and Ireland in terms of better latency. All other countries will have better ping on EU Central, France and Spain included. I personally have 20 ms on EU Central and 35-50 ms on EU West

My biggest concern is before I transfer servers… Will EUW West suffer the same problems with unable to matchmaking into abyss/chaos with friends at 50… or is that region better stability/population wise?

The bigger worry is that there won’t be enough people match with after a month. Right now there are pretty much no queues so matchmaking should be completely fine

But isnt that mainly because the mayority isnt 50+ yet? What happens after a week will they suffer they same problems? Because me and my friends are thinking about switching because eu central is outright unplayable 30min of errors to get into any instanced thing is just not fun to play. But we dont wanna throw away 95 hours of grinding if we just stumble into the same thing again right…