What is the most pitty time u have when honing?

I know, alot of ppl here been pitty while honing, that’s very painful, so i want to know what is the most pitty time u had in this game ?
Me 1st : 1200+ Great leaps so far and i think it will keep continuous, not a single success at low level ( 14 15 16 ) always 100%
Let’s share the pain every one :wink:

Helm 13->14
Chest and pants 12->14
Gloves 16->17

That is 15K gold, 1000 GHLs, and 48,000 guardian stones vaporized. The guardian stones alone are 7 full days of farming on 6x T3 characters plus event materials and two weeks of GHL gathering.

I did two tap gloves from 15->16 but that’s a fluke.

This happened at the start of the month and I have only tried 5 honing attempts since.

This doesn’t include the 4 pitties in a row going from 11->12 last month. That success percent began at 30% too which made me furious.

There needs to be an extra percentage success or artisan energy gain if you pity this many times in a row when you have more than 10% chance to succeed. The math can be toyed with so its not free but something along these lines for the RNG cursed. Like some kind of temporary roster honing bonus.

It feels fucking awful, still. And why I am just selling materials and playing the auction house mostly once my dailies are done.

most pity in a row I had were the last 3 items I upgraded.

weapon, gloves and shoulders from +17 to +18, all pity. Dunno how much materials, but it was quite alot :slight_smile: