What is the next class coming?

So what is the next class and when are you going to tell us all???

Why you keep this secret I don’t know! Why not post what and when they are coming?

if they release artist then all lack of support problem is solved. the population gonna be more balanced from 5% support and 95% dps to 50% support and 50% dps


In your dreams!
Bard and pally player might switch to artist.
Peeps want to play dps class.

The next class will be announced when you stop asking.

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I think a lot of dps players will play artist

That’s not true, players who are bard or paladin will switch some to the artist class, but how do you think a dps player will switch to a support class? You say it only because you want the class, but I’m sure it will be one of the last to be released

Scouter, gimme that shield and super long range counter :heart:

Easily. I don’t give a fuck whether a class is support or dps, what matters is if the class is good or not. I play sorc right now, and my current fav class is gunslinger, but they’re all boring af compared to artist gameplay.

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We don’t know anybody who says anything else is pure speculation, all we know is artist is gonna be the last class according to Roxx unless something changes

Playing support/healer/buffer require that kind of mentality.
Players who want to prove themself in any way never play it.
Players who cant take responsibility for others also.
If player dont care for class/playstyle he/she will not try his/her best and will looks like me playing deathblade. At some point I realized 1 of lvl 10 skills in not in bars and I have 55 free skill points and played like that 1 month without notice.
There is very few people who enter a MMO and pick support. Chance dps to switch to support to play harder game and pay jewelery prices is less then 1%. No matter 5 supports been released.

The next class actually comes out 7 days after the most recent time someone asks when the next class comes out.

Yeah for the first few weeks, but the problem is the lack of support players in 1400+.
There will be never enough support players in this game. One more support class has not that much of an impact in the lategame.

according to whom?

Me smile