What is the next class?

may we know already ?

Scooter, Reaper, or Summoner.

Plz scouter


+1 Scouter or Summoner or Aeromancer or Artist. Anything just NOT reaper

They’ve already stated that we’re not getting the Specialist class until we have all the others first

roadmap “should” be out next week at some point so we will see then.

But it is prob going to be summoner

probably reaper according to the fact that we now have 3 “mages”, 4 “gunner” and only 2 assassins

I’m praying for Reaper. Bets are on Scouter or Reaper, with popular vote going to scouter IIRC.

why not? considering reaper is the only class that actually plays and feels like true assassin class it should be included in launch, they alienated people who play legit assassins or rogue type classes.

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