What is the optimal order for the future class releases?

Unfortunately, Smilegate and Amazon Game Studios won’t release Artist early to help with the support shortage for Legion Raids (alas), so we know that Artist and Aeromancer are going to come last. We also know Arcana is coming in July. and that classes will be rolled out every two months That leaves Scouter, Summoner and Reaper.

What order would you release them in for the following months:

  • September 2022
  • November 2022
  • January 2023

In my opinion, I think it best to do Reaper, Summoner, then Scouter. Reaper coming out in late September could tie in to a Halloween event. Summoner in late November could tie into a Christmas event. Scouter last because it’s likely not a big revenue generator for skins but still remains to be somewhat popular on the forums - usually Lost Ark does a big winter event so Scouter could be a big part of that.

Any thoughts?

My hopium opinion for optimal release order:
September 2022: Summoner, Scouter, Reaper, Artist
November 2022: N/A
January 2023: N/A

My realistic (and unbiased for what it’s worth) opinion for optimal release order:
September 2022: Summoner
November 2022: Reaper
January 2023: Scouter

Whether Summoner or Reaper are first is anybody’s guess really. But the way I see it, despite it maybe being unlikely that they will release 2 mages back to back, Summoner is LONG overdue to be released after it was pulled from initial release and realistically should be released ASAP. The people who were planning to play Summoner got shafted hard. Scouter is last on the list regardless imo because there’s already plenty of options for gunner classes.