What is the plan for players that will be stuck on EUW with no players to play with in 2 months?

Will we just be stuck there? Are you gonna stop allowing people creating more chars on EUC to further escalate the issues surrounding queues and match making and make sure we have enough players? Like what is the plan here if there is no character transfers? There are two busy servers in EUW and none of them have had queues yet.

If you think EUW will die a death after 2 months considering the number of players the game is retaining along side the massive MMOs releasing content right now…


Best decision if you think like that is to stop playing now and move elsewhere. There is no point to invest into a dead region, right?

Seeing as it takes 20 minutes to get a T1 dungeon lobby filled with 4 players right now on Moonkeep, I feel like the worry is warranted.

Its 3 am for many euc players right now, also many people are not even 50 yet :thinking:

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Why does it matter that its 3 am right now? This was at 19 CET yesterday and 22 today. Can you stop trying to make excuse just for the sake of making them? Like it really does not contribute to anything and a lot of players on EUW are rightfully worried the region wont be as active as EUC if nothing changes.

Yes, and it took you 5 hours to write it here …