What is the point in pvp?

Not seeing anything to be worth doing it.

Enjoying it though. (The non P2W pvp)

Unfortunately there keeping Rewards/Ranked and all that good stuff on hold. Maybe in a month or so.

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What is the point of playing any game?

Fun. If you aren’t having fun, don’t do it. If you are having fun, that’s the point.

I surpassed this mindset a few years ago.
Yeah I do it for fun, but I would like some type of incentive in doing it also.

Ah alright, thanks for clarification.

Just fun, but in the other versions they have the solo queue ranked, and the regular pvp also awards you ranking, so, in a way, even premades will be ranked “individually” as players and be rewarded awards on how well they do during the pvp season.
the rewards are pretty good. I hope they turn it on soon

Yeah, I got to Tier 1, I assume that’s the max for now.
Hopefully soon it will be turned on. :slight_smile:

Pve players get to have rewards and progression and “fun”.

Pvp players get to have “only” fun.