What is the point of the game? (specifically those past 1300ilvl)

Didn’t really know how to word the post. and although it seems like bait, it’s a genuine question for those here that seem to still enjoy the game.

I’ve reached top 30 in PvP, 2200 LP. I’ve reached Argos P1, and have 5 alts.

It’s come to my attention, that there just isn’t any real content and that the game ISN’T an MMO. It just shouldn’t be called one. This is the content i have access too;

PvP ranked arena
Una dailies
Guardian dailies (Of which i can solo)
Chaos dungeon dailies (Of which i can solo)
Cube/Boss rush tickets, almost daily (Of which i can solo)
Rapport daily
Weekly dungeons (All of which are steam-rolled in PUGs due to iLvl. Even Argos.)
Island exploration at very limited times, and sometimes not at all due to only some opening
Daily rewards (WB, chaos portal)

Thats…it? Notice the trend?
7 OUT OF 9 is a daily/weekly, with no real content except a 5-minute time sink to get rewards.
The 8th is a very time-limited version of content, that involves accessing said island on time, and well… doing a quest and spamming G.
Number 9 is PvP. I’m not going to talk about that because i believe it’s widely accepted that Ranked is an absolute mess of bad matchmaking and inbalance.

For the cream of the crop? Not a single one of these things makes me interact with another player. None. Not one. They’re all steam rolls, require little to no communication except the occasional map-pinging placements for a boss mechanic. This is the ONLY MMO i’ve EVER played where GUILDS aren’t really a thing. ITS INSANE.

I’ve huffed enough copium and i’m just about to quit now, i haven’t complained or posted anything and there’s so little inside-community that i have noone to speak to about the game, so i felt the need to try to ask someone and see their PoV here. I’m genuinely curious. For those of you past 1300 iLvl. why do you still play?

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I still play in the hopes of it becoming better. Right now the only thing I do past 1300 and the daily / weekly stuff is play the AH while watching a movie on my 2nd screen… It’s an “MMO” game and the very first of many I’ve played where teamplay isn’t a thing.

To add to that they could’ve made 2 PVP ranked brackets, one for solo queue and one for Team/flex queue, to atleast introduce some teamwise content.

But I fully agree with you, right now its just a waiting game after 1300. And the community CM’s seems to have deserted the forums anyhow, so what’s the point of even being active here anymore.

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I would agree there is still a BOATLOAD of content to be released in T3. In reality we have about 3-5% of what’s available in Korea when it comes to legion raids and additional content. IIRC Legion raids are not weekly content.

As a whole: Doing dailies and being locked out is part of this game, as is the same with any Free-to-play model game.

On the point about the lack of T3 Content: Welp, that’s the result of the reaction Argos. They’ve talked about slowing down actual content patched given the reception of Argos.

Let’s see what happens if we ever get a roadmap, but I imagine we’ll be getting more content as these events seem to be geared at pushing everyone to Punika at minimum.

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Do you know what content you’re speaking of in regards to what we do/don’t have. All i’ve hear mentioned is GvGs, and legion raids.

GvGs are a mess from what i know. It’s un-equalised, P2W and a knowledgeable PvP player i know said that KR guilds just agree to end it as fast as possible for the rewards - it’s that much of a boring fiesta.

Legion raids i know nothing about. Everyone mentions them. But all i think of when i hear it is some weekly raid, like WoW and current abyssals. Why do you run it more than once a day/week? Can you run it more than once?

I have no idea what else is on offer.

On a side note. I disagree about F2P-Models. BDO (Yes, casuals hate it.), Albion and Runescape were F2P to a degree. They all offered massive sandbox content and MMO-style interaction. Lost ark fails in this so massively and ridiculously that’s it’s a reason the game is a daily-simulator. (FFXIV for example, isn’t F2P, but outside of it’s time gates has a massive community-driven content engine)

There’s not enough end game pve content to feel like anything has been accomplished. Difficulty wise, they’re a joke and only gatekept by gearscore.
The only point of playing is because you find the game fun and/or you want to prepare for an eventual content update by making alts.

Let me see if I can find a list.

But I’m pretty sure you can do the Legion Raids more than once a week on the same character. They are basically super beefed up boss fights with additional mechanics / teamwork.

I dunno about GVG because I’m not really into MMO PvPing (would rather play Apex Legends for that kind of competitive feeling).

Additionally, I know they are also planning on releasing the equalized Abyss / Guardian’s that rotate once a week.

To your point, I’ve never played Albion or BDO but I remember back in the day Runescape had a sub (talking OG runescape) same with a few others.

FFXIV is unique in that the community actually aren’t a bunch of toxic edge lords and that is precisely because of the stance Square-Enix has taken. Hell, I remember running Copied Factory for the first time and people in raid being like “Wait to start until people finish Cutscenes”.

I think AGS / Smilegate need to work better with in-game moderation and the community as a whole needs to call out people for being toxic in game (I try my best to do the same). Only then will we be able to have the fun community driven content we see in FFXIV like the nightclubs and such. (Also hard to eRP, if you’re into that kind of thing, when everyone looks like the buzz lightyear meme). Also last bit about FFXIV, it’s been out for like 13 years now? So lots more time to polish.

I love both FFXIV and this game and certainly hope it can be shaped better in the future.

Re difficult that Moesaki is talking about, thats what the hard mode legion raids and content is about. More mechanics and thoughtful boss fights rather than just face-roll nacarsena → Night Fox.


For those asking above, legion raids are once weekly content that people run multiple times on different characters to farm gold. Legion raids will be the main source of gold for 90+% of people.

See this is what i thought and made me want to quit. Everyone is excited for Legion raids, so that they can run it weekly (Like all the other time-gated content…), to get gold, to upgrade their gear, to reach the next Ilvl content that gives them more access to…gold?

I wouldn’t mind too much, but so far nothings difficult, perhaps hard mode changes it…But nothing encourages a guild, or any real interaction except 5-minute mechanic setups. And to even reach this boring stage, you have to get through the boring daily stages. I suppose it does just come down to people enjoying the art and combat, over other MMOs.

To collect mokoko seeds.



This is the stage i got to. To realise behind it all there isn’t much game to be played.


PvP has been a real pain for me recently in that i started a week late and got stuck in bronze tier for quite a bit due to matchmaking being “weird”. Everytime i got anywhere near silver on my paladin id get matched with an enemy team consisting of sorc, deathblade and wardancer where i just get focused to death. Repeat that for the next 5 matches till im back where i started then ill get decent matches again.

Well compared to something like Argos or hard abyss, legion raids will be much harder and engaging (both mechanically and DPS wise). The endgame of Lost Ark currently is really designed for those who have fun doing raids etc and as you stated this can be seen with how character progression works.

Snilegate says they are going to add more horizontal (non raiding?) content this year but we’ll have to see how that turns out.

Yea I feel that re encouraging a guild. Argos seems to be the start of having semi decent folks to play with.

Idk, I quite enjoy the game and the classes. I don’t stress too much since I’ve got my alt farm going.

Hell I skip doing dailies and just give out with the friends some days. In any event, just give this game some time for that polish and don’t stress too much if you feel bored.

Again on the FFXIV, how many people will park their characters until the next MSQ release? You know what I mean?

Yeah agreed, problem is in LA if you park your characters and wait for the content drop, you’re not going to have the gear for it. LA has made it abundantly clear that you need to actively non-stop keep up, or pay, to access content on release.

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Mmm. I don’t necessarily agree with that.

My gunslinger is 1385 and I really don’t feel the need to get her to 1400. I have a friend pushing his pally to 1400 but to me that’s a waste of everything

Would rather get the remainder of my roster to Argos than get to 1400.

In any event, I don’t feel that new content being dropped would make me feel undergeared in the way WoW does it (e.g. so much power gain the old gear becomes utterly obsolete).

It’s just like any other mmo. Log in, do your dailies, log off repeat until reset then do the raids. Unless you’re into the completion stuff or PvP.

The problem is we don’t have any raids lol and probably wont for awhile because so many people cried about Argos.

Once we start getting legion raids a lot of people will probably complain that it is too hard to be honest (or at least that’s what I’m expecting). A lot of the western playerbase seems to be against things like grudge meaning the DPS check will be extremely tight if not impossible without overgearing. And when you run grudge to meet the DPS check you take increased damage meaning you have to practice a lot to not get hit.

This same thing happened in Japan where they didn’t like to use grudge but when nobody could meet the DPS check on Valtan everyone started scrambling to get grudge 3 engravings.

To give an idea of the difficulty spike and engagement spike…

I stopped after reading this, surely unappreciative and deluded… If you don’t enjoy horizontal progression while of course working on your vertical progression and appreciate the combat + graphics + beautiful stories + funny moments + sad moments + happy moments happening in this game then you are not enjoying it.

best thing you can do with your mentality is just quit and find some other game to whine about.

At this point, the best bet is you either play the game at a very reduced aspect or just stop playing and come back later because yes right now we have a very neutered version of the game. In any sense legion raids should be a weekly content and you can do up to 3 of them when all the raids are out and if you’re very overgeared you can carry others. Other than that’s pretty much the game. The highlight that comes from this game for a lot of people is that the rested bonus lets you miss a few days then you just raid at your leisure.

However, though guilds definitely are very archaic in this game and there’s not much to with guildies besides Wallet v Wallet (GvG) or raiding like every other MMOs endgame.