What is the point of the Pheon system?


First this is not a post to complain, but I want to hear read what others think and see the opinion’s from new to legacy players.

Me personally I see it as two things:

  1. To keep the market under control - Maybe with inflation and manipulating the constant trading of gear - however there limited amount of times you can trade gear.

  2. Slow player progression - This is honestly what I think it comes down to. It’s one thing with the above mention, however if I save gear for my alts I should be able to freely (maybe some silver to send via mail) send them my gear or put it in my roster storage without having to keep farming over and over again for said piece of gear (definition of insanity). In my opinion it’s never a positive thing to slow down player progression; that’s game regression. With the way the current honing system is and the amount of gold it takes; I rather sell duplicate gear on the market for others that need/want it and use the profits to level up my main/alts. Since LOA really pushes creating alts this would go hand in hand with that vision and honestly might make it more fun. Ex. after one raid it would be great to transfer gear to an alt and help others run another raid vs not being able to as well due to gear. That’s like me charging my brother for giving him my shoes or shirt. Family hand-me-downs :slight_smile:

Again, this is not to complain, just want feedback on the system and ways to improve it.

Cheers it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

the point is to make money for SG/ags and nothing more, alt friendly btw :rofl: you won’t get a response from CM they avoid this topic like its a disease xD


IT IS forreal there to make Money an to get gold Out of the system.


A simple search would of told you.
But the pheon system exists SOLELY to create a demand for Blue Crystals which in turn creates a demand for Royal Crystals. The game is a FOR PROIT company.

That is the MAIN reason for pheon existence. As a SIDE EFFECT they prevent flipping of “lower” cost items.


You have to add that they prevent flipping so you cant make Profit Out of It and force you to buy Royal crystals.

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Gets blue crystal out of system. Pheon is not a gold sink.

You buy pheons with your gold so they get rid of gold and Not blue crystals

And the gold goes where? Think before you speak

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Yea into blue crystals, but still the gold is gone

goes to people who BUY royals.

Pheons are not a gold sink since the blue cyrstals you buy with gold, the gold goes to the person who SOLD the royals. Gold isn’t removed from the economy with pheons.

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to prevent AH gamers who just amass gold by not playing the game

basically what you can do in WoW and what you could do in Diablo 3 and some other games

it’s basically there to ensure that you play the game and not the market

you can still play the market but it’s far riskier and requires you to time the market instead of just sniping cheap items

That is NOT pheons main purpose. Its a side effect and FLIPPING still happens (ive done it a few times)


So many have no idea.

Pheons are not meant to prevent flipping, market manipulation, or act as a gold sink.

The sole purpose is drive demand for blue crystals.

Without pheons, the only reason to buy blue crystals would be Mari shop (which is not worth anymore).

Without people spending gold on blue crystals, there isn’t any gold available to sell to people that buy gold with royal crystals.

The reduction of market manipulation/flipping is just a side effect, not the reason they’re in the game.

Regarding gold sink, the gold you use to buy blue crystals is sold to people for royal crystals. No gold is destroyed in this transaction. It is moved from person buying blue crystals for pheons to a person buying gold with royal crystals.


The point is to try milking you out everything so you would need to spend real money


I agree with you. Although I hate pheons, it’s here for this reason.

Rather have the pheon system then some OTHER system they put in place to generate a demand for people to spend money. Image things like, 25 blue crystals to use a bifrost, or 10 blue crystals to use the ocean liners. 10 blue crystals to enter the hourly chaos gates. Pheons are at least of “bam” this costs X if you want to buy Y.

Believe me they would add a different method to generate income if pheons didn’t exist.

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The point is that you disassemble everything. The auction is empty because jewelry is not sold for 1 gold. The 15 pheons are the downfall

It doesnt really remove gold though. Even if you use gold to buy blue crystals. You are paying gold to the people wgo bought the crystals to sell them in the first place… Yes there is a small 5% fee, but that doesnt really remove much gold.

Ive seen multiple posts of people saying this doesnt affect tbeir flipping at all. They just buy the high profit items. Whats losing a few k for pheons when you make 20k profit anyway.

The 5% fee is on the bc. So no gold is lost on transaction