What is the purpose of getting stronger?

Hello first of all,

I’m a newbie at this game. I have no clue about most of the items and I’m trying to learn more about the Game.

I’ve watched some Videos to understand the basics of the game (raids, dungeons etc.).
The endgoal is to get stronger with T3 Items and reach a high GS like 1300 for example or even more.
One thing I didn’t understand is: Why should I get stronger?
I know from other MMOs that many People grind to get stronger for the PvP content but as I know your Equipment won’t affect the normal PvP Arena.

So why should I get stronger if it won’t affect PvP Arena?
Is there any purpose of getting stronger?
Is there any PvP content which I maybe didn’t realise it exists?

I hope you could help me out and thank you for your answers :smiley:

Not really, thats also why all the p2w hate recently doesnt make much sense since you dont win anything in pve, its for your own enjoyment/challenge. There is some openworld PVP on islands but i dont think its really that relevant, and dont know why anyone would want to do that when you have equalized pvp available


Theres Guild Vs Guild ‘open world’ PVP.
Which iirc is effected by your gear level and all that jazz.

But why are you trying to raise your gear level?
To enter higher tier PVE Dungeons and Raids, thats about it really.

This game does have some PVP elements but Smilegate have always pushed the fact that its primarily a PVE game at heart.

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The higher the gear score the more content is available, for example you cant enjoy the story from start to finish without reaching certain ilvl thresholds, or run all dungeons and raids. However it will be far easier in the future to reach those as catch up mechanism will be introduced when further content gets released. It will be easier to increase your item level via honing for example, like shown in the part of the patch notes before launch that got deleted again.

So all in all I think spending a lot to be on the top of the ilvl charts is quite meaningless, on the one hand bc you have to spend a lot for little gain, and bc the progress you made will become obsolete in the future. Honestly IMO they should delete the option to buy progress materials since it only preys on the people vulnerable to those things. And i really think they’d make enough money with skins and cosmetics anyway, considering the amount of players. Maybe improve the cristalline aura to accelerate your process, giving more una dailies, improve honing chance, get more guardian raids etc… but well, I’m drifting away from topic.

Yeah, spending money on progress doesnt make sense since there is nothing to win.

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Lol since when in any MMO has open world shit ever been fair?

That being said… sure someone could spend a lot of money to kill me while I run to a quest objective on an island but who cares? What a lonely life that would be.

So basically the main focus of getting stronger is for PvE content?

That’s good to know.

Well, PvE content in MMOs is mostly “senseless” as in there is no real purpose.
As you say, I’d define a real purpose as something like getting stronger for PvP.

But for PvE, you just get stronger to do different content and get stronger again till you can do the next content. Its just a grind through different content, where you slowly get stronger and stronger until you reach the last bit of content there is and have to wait for a patch to implement new content :slight_smile:

This was always something I disliked about MMOs, as the grind felt senseless sometimes. Like I play and play but I don’t really achieve anything other than doing the same stuff in a different Raid. PvE content here seems to be pretty fun tho, so it might motivate me more to engage with it, we’ll see.

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You’re right. The PvE content is definitly fun in Lost Ark.

But tbh. i still need a purpose in a MMO (like doing PvE content to get good EQ for the PvP arena).
I played a MMO called NosTale, it was p2w but you did all the PvE content to get good EQ for the Arena so you could show off what you achieved.

Will still play Lost Ark because it’s a good game, let’s see :smiley: