What is the reason, that prevents YOU from playing support?

We got a huge Support Shortage.

As a full 6 roster DPS Player, I am a part of the problem. Now is my question to all the other full DPS rosters out there: What is YOUR reason that you dont want to play support?


Boring class


Red portals in chaos dungeons lol


i want to actually play not just buff and watch others play lol


16/16 dps. Will make an artist when she’s out tho


What is your reason for making artist rather than playing pala/Bard? Whats the big difference

I have 1512 bard 1490 bard and 1490 pally and will prob main swap to artist she looks far more fun.


So it seems the current answeres are smth like:

  • no damage (reliant on others, cant do stuff alone like boss rooms)
  • Boring to play (u just buff and shield, thats it)

Are there more reasons why you don’t want to play supports?

They are pretty boring.

I actually do have a support but that’s only because I am forced to.

It’s practically almost impossible to support multiple DPS classes 1490’s WITH +7 gems, 5x3 or just even 4x3.

And even then people still kick even IF you have title.

It’s really not worth making another dps class when you can just make a support lv 5 gems 3x3 and get auto invited for ez money.

but again supports are boring AF

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why don’t you give us reasons to play support ?

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I have a Bard at 1462,5 and i enjoy playing her. But since she isnt my main, i am not going to invest more gold and time into her. I am fine letting her run argos, valtan + vykas.

Furthermore she is just not my glaivier which is my main. Dont have time for two main characters. Why i dont play her as main? As other people already posted, compared to dps its kinda lackluster. Like for example in my static i enjoy her since i get fast feedback on their damage performance. Not so when i am pugging :confused:

Maybe with artist? I am not the biggest fan of her aesthetic but i love her abilties and expecially the brush :smiley:

Combination of not wanting to half-ass the job, and the extreme up front cost of gearing up a Bard.

I honed a Bard to 1445 with the last event and decided to start getting some gear – this is gonna be hundreds of thousands to get 5x3.

EDIT: I do have a 5x3 Pally, trying to make a second supp.

artist isn’t out yet


I have 2 bards as well and after trying artist out in RU I’m main swapping and making 2 for a 4 support roster lol!

She is super fun to play.

her ability with the ink is super cool and satisying

in terms of sound design, vfx etc there is an after and before artist with old classes

Ye, absolutly. I havent seen aeromancer yet since idc about pre released stuff from korea but ability wise(looks), SG outdone themselves with her. She is already fun to watch being played :smiley:


No support shortage (I) just prefer to bus my way through the zones because then I don’t have to listen to people complain about what I am doing and how I should do it.

Need a support class? Make one and roll with it. There your problem is fixed. Besides that honestly its not a needed class all together as long as the team can work together and have the potions to help. IMHO of course

I don’t have any.

I have my own problem with support in this game. I am actually a Support Main in EVERY game I’ve played so far. But Lost Ark Is different. Like the other said, this class is just insane boring.

Another big problem for me is the gender lock. I would pick a support that has the Deadeye/Sharpshooter body and is male. But I dislike playing females or weird buffed chars like Paladin.

I also don’t like the lack of support engravings.
You got 3 -4 mandatory ones (Expert, Awakening, Class engraving (on Bard Heavy Armor)) and thats it. But every class in Lost Ark got that problem.

But a big problem I have is the Swamp set. That set is insane broken that its impossible to use an alternative. Once I tried to do a bard, I was thinking about 2 Nightmare (no mana problems), 2 Domfang (18% cdr 20% awa cdr +1 awa use) and 2 yearning (to gain more bar) and play full spec/swift bard. With lv 10 gems its like you have 1400+ swiftness while having 1700-1800 spec… but forget it… swamp is way to overpowered, there is no alternative.

A big plus is: You get accepted instantly.

A big down: No dmg, extreme reliant, boring gameplay. Paladin look way more boring than bard. Bards atleast have the option to decide when to shield / give dmg buff etc. But pala… idk, you passivly heal, you spam your shield, and the dmg buff is permanently. Idk. I’ve tried bard aswell, heavy armor and I don’t even need to play anymore. I can tank every mechanic that isn’t a wipe…

So tldr:

  • Genderlock + Visual Look
  • Alternativeless. You just copy paste builds. No different options.
  • Same with Relic gear. Yearning to broken to do different builds.
  • No dmg, too reliant and more or less: Brain afk to play (too forgiving)

I dont want to fall asleep while playing… and its just a different mindset and i’ve never been the support guy. I like a challenge and in shooter games i’ve always been the open fragger. I love assassins, i love fighters and those are the roles that bring me the most joy and fit me the most. Put me into a support role and you waste a good carry.

well you already said everything nothing to add
i’ll add a big plus you can watch your favorite streamer or a serie while playing like yummi on lol