What is this reaper skin?

We can see it during the launch game

Reaper chaos dungeon T2

Details and a picture in the comments here:

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thks bro

How come there is no transmog feature in this game?

There are some T1/T2 armor/weapons that actually look better than most of the skins.

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There is a skin crafting npc but it was tied to the gold cloths which is also tied to legendary skins which we will never get

There is, there just isn’t in our version

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I mean people on this forum rejected the whole legendary skins system, which includes the transmog thing (dismantle skins to get the item needed to roll for a legendary skin and to buy transmog skins)

Yup. It truly isn’t a good system but prices wouldn’t be much different to the other skins in the ah. The complaints about the damage increase from legendary skins was hilarious too because that’s not even close as much while beeing alot easier to afford than weapon quality, ilvl and gems which is in our version. Noone truly knows if it’s because of the complaints or eu law but I think it’s a huge missed opportunity

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