What is Unicorn Adventure?

I purchased a Secret Map from the ship vendor and it unlocked an Exploration Report for a Unicorn in Pleccia. What do I do with it? it marked the map with a unicorn icon but I cant dock there. I tried to look up in forum but could not find anything about the unicorn exploration report.


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A Unicorn is a mythical creature that’s believed to come out of the shadow of the moon reflected on a lake in a deep forest. It looks like a white horse with a long, beautiful horn on its forehead.

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Hi, I’m not sure what that means. Is it a riddle? how do I get the reward from the treasure map after finding the horses on the island? Thanks.

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Could you please help me out with few details so I can help you :

  1. Your character name
  2. Server/World
  3. Name of the quest
  4. A screenshot of the in-game Map

Please help me out with these details so I help you resolve this issue!

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