What is wrong with the servers? Keep getting kicked (US East UNA)

I’m in the middle of an Abyssal dungeon, I’ve been kicked from server 10 times. It’s also happening live to a lot of people. I swear if I lose my abyssal lockout like i did last week on my main I’m gonna be so tilted.


happening to me too

same seems to only be while in dungeons

Was happening to asmongold as well…and he’s just doing storyline atm.

happened to me while sailing so its general

Same here 3 times so far

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Happening to me as well. I’m just in Vern, and I’m getting kicked by the time I go from the triport, to the chaos dungeon entrance. Has happened 3 times now in a row. I cant even make it to see if I can even get into the different type of raids.

i got kicked out of just regular gameplay. can’t get back in to server.

Thanks for the reports – this seems to be an issue across EU East, and the team has been alerted to investigate now

This is happening to me on NA East. Una to be exact.


This is also happening to me on NA East Una server

Same problem NA East, Zozma server

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This is happening in the US

NA East, Una as well.

NA East Una.

im sure @Roxx meant US, just so many issues on EU that they auto went for EU not US when typing :slight_smile:

hope it gets sorted for you guys soon, hugs form across the water

Wondering how fast this will be fixed since its NA having problems and not EU…

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@Roxx I got kicked to hard that I am locked out of the NA East servers (where are of my characters are) I am in Una…so why am I locked out?

For once, not onlu EUC…

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