What is your least favorite class to play with?

For me its the Gunslinger. At least 50% of the time that someone doesn’t do mechanics and tries to just keep attacking the boss its them. Also they die more than all the other classes combined. Stereotypical “WHO DOESNT KNOW THE MECHANICS?” then proceeds to use all revives in Argos.

That aside i have played with some very good Gunslingers, Just wondering if anyone has a bias against another class specifically.

I’m tired of seeing nothing but berserkers and sorceresses.


I have a soulfist 1406 with mass increase, precise dagger and robspirt at 3, I enjoy paying her but i still fell like i dont make enough damage…

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Probably glavier

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berserkers from kadan

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^that but unironically

None? Seen good and bad players from every class.



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idc what class I’m playing with, bad players just bad

I play deadeye not gunslinger but if they are as similar as they look, we have a lot of animation locks and only one way to break it (space bar). And since we dont use swiftness thats one animation break every 8 seconds or so IF we didnt use it for something else. The issue really comes from them using their other mobility skills for damage. You are supposed to try to save the space bar and use those instead so that you cN break animations.

My least favorite to play with is any ranged
Who doesnt understand how paladin circles work… lol. I main paladin and a lot of ranged tend to stay max range so i either shield them, or the melee. I will choose melee most of the time (in a pug) because if my ability also hits the boss it generates more piety meter.



Berserker. It’s really strong so every time I play it I feel bad that all my other classes are sucking ass compared to that. I really love my striker main but god damn does my boy need some help.

The only time I think this is in chaos dungeons. Friggin bards and sorcs. Always lifting a group of baddies into the air and making me whiff my long cooldown abilities. Stop that.

To a lesser extent Deathblades pushing a group of baddies five miles out of the kill circle.

To be fair, they probably think the same when I suck up a bunch of baddies with my wardancer tornado lol :joy:

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Glavier, feels like those are the worst players ive ever seen. Either dont do mechanics, no dmg or both

Probably martial artist that punches. I tried it and it just felt clunky and bad.

Sorc is alright but a bit too slow and immobile to me. Demonhunter also plays decent.

From current available classes, probably gunslinger is my fav. Artist is the most fun overall though.

Oh yeah also tried Paladin and it wasn’t bad actually but not really my type of class. Bard is a bit better but again, immobile.

you know that the thread is about the class you want the least to play WITH, not play yourself

Yes… Bard is pretty immobile and her spells/abilities seem weak…

As for demonhunter/shadowhunter (don’t know why AGS changed her name), I found her hard to play at first in the lower levels. Her demon form is very weak until later on… I was tempted to change her from my main to an alt, she was that bad. But I persevered and now I love her.

I wish I could try out the ARTIST, but alas, she isn’t here in the west…