What is your problem? I Don't get it?

Market is at an all time low with honing materials,

Engraving books are getting cheaper,

You don’t really need blue crystals,
market rates are cheaper for solars and using special honing makes economical sense now only maybe when you try honing high lvl weapons?

No gold source has been altered?

RMT doesn’t affect anything except blue crystals, and ALL Competitive content is equalized?

Events and content drops here faster than any other region?

I understand botting is something that shouldn’t exist in the game design but it hasn’t hindered me in any way, infact stuff gets cheaper when on the other end content{gold income} is on the rise?

I come to the forums to learn something about the game or discuss something about gameplay etc?

Then why is every second post about a rant/complaint, and that generally seems to be the vibe…


i dont need blue crystal? sheesh guess pheons isnt a real thing


Nope, you are right. its mostly just B!tching.

Its much easier if you approach the game as someting AGS / SG are TRYING to make money from, then you’re not upset about their various instruments… and then you just play and have fun.

(And im not advocating for pheons or botting, though I do want the dps meter and I actually like AH flipping, but I dont do that in LA because of pheons (mostly! lol))

Alot of people arent doing that on the forums… its heavy heavy complaining mostly.


Bro pheons are like a one time thing, maybe u spend an extra 4-5k gold, to acquire them, thats negligible compared to a whole relic set?

are you complaining about the complaining :face_with_monocle:
Only joking, I never expect anything more from a forum, especially for an MMO :cold_sweat:

There are some nuggets of information hidden amongst the slime though


100 pheons in EUC cost around 11k gold
you need 125 pheons for a relic set not counting the stone

so it’s not an arbitrary cost
In other regions BC price is even higher

you can see how people are kinda angry with half of their weekly income going to a material designed to be a tax


While pheons are not a one-time thing (if you gear alts), I understand their existence. And yes, you’re right. All people do is complain. I come here to argue with them out of some sick sense of distorted duty, and it makes me feel like a loser.

You’re not a loser @Tychus, i know we’ve had some discussion and I’d guess you’re a decent guy from what Ive seen and you’ve made good points.


How dare they take half of my week income? I don’t have much time left, I’m dying next week

(This is a sarcastic joke, I hope u don’t take it seriously)

Had you been cutting stones? The pheon cost is insane…

How is Busdriver wrong though? People should have known when blue crystals were SUPER cheap to jump on them. Instead I’m sure everyone just kept saying to themselves, me included. “I’ll buy them when I finish honing… I’ll buy them when i finish 5x3 build…” etc. Everyone always expects the price to stay as it is and then it’s too late. Either make the decision to sacrifice 2 alts of weeklies into blue crystals now or keep complaining to the wall that is AGS/SG about an issue they don’t need/care to fix at all.

#1 they most likely won’t remove the pheons.

#2 you earn gold by doing content weekly / daily and RNG bs.

#3 no need to insult each other over it. i personally hate the existence of the pheons but in the same time at least they’re not locked behind real money you know? if they were locked behind real money then sure that would be even more f’d up.

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If you only make 22k a week you did something wrong.

If you just gear 1 alt at a time/week ita not that bad at all, or maybe im misjuding as my roster is 6 1430+'s so 11k for pheons isnt really a big deal to me when i make 65-70k a week.

Because people don’t go on forums to talk about all the things that don’t bother them?

The same as you don’t call your cellular company to let them know what a great job they are doing.

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Not everyone makes 65-70k a week.

Also, not everyone pays only 10-11k to gear an alt. Nobody from SA complained when pheons were “only” 1k-1.2k gold. But now they are at 2.5k gold.

Which means it costs 30k gold to buy 125 pheons. Ability stones may cost even higher, since they are a lottery.

Crystalline Aura is 11-12k gold. Class engravings are 11-15k, Grudge is 19k. Everything is so fucking expensive.

And guess what, they just released a new set of skins that you can only buy via RC, which means the few whales we have will keep swiping and selling skins on market, just like what happened with the summer skins.

where are books cheap ?? blue books if they exist are 200+ gold sometimes

There are plenty of ways of never having to buy blue books. Lot of old quests can supply you with blue books that you can knock out on an alt to get the rewards for. Heck every single alt that was knowledge transferred to Vern can earn 20 green class engravings and 10 blue class engraving books just from luterra quests alone.

As for the whole PHEON complaint. I dont see the problem. So all of your honing needs gets cheaper which can cover the cost of the pheons increasing. For a whole kit of 6 gold gaining characters (1 main for relic and 5 alts in legendary, you will spend a total of around 700 pheons over the course. Anyone since launch has gotten well over 500 pheons for free from events. Also when BC prices were down at 400-600 people SHOULD of brought blue crystals then. But 700 pheons right now will gear a main and 5 alts out.

700 pheons right now is about 80-90k gold which can be obtained in roughly 3 weeks from free gold sources you get weekly. Game is measured in weeks and months, not days.

imagine not devoting your life to the game to be considered playing wrong

fk outa here


No, but I need pheons which I can only get with BC

“one time thing”? I don’t know wat you’re smoking but can I have some of that?