What is your purpose?

  • Is the team managing New World here?
  • To enter Argos, we need to buy royal crystals and buy and sell skins.
  • Argos is the first raid, will it be like this when you bring other raids, by buying royal crystal or by buying gold?
  • Do you ever look through the eyes of a working person?
  • I wonder if the friends who decided on these decision mechanisms have ever played games
    such as ffxiv, gw2, teso?
  • Remember the new world expertise system. Make similar decisions.

There are more than 2,000 people on our Discord. I hope you continue to make decisions like this. We want a game that we can have fun for 3-4 hours a day without wasting our days, hours and months. “You can play the game for free, but you can’t do anything without money.” (the game is definitely free to play, the content is paid) it got better like this :smiley:

At first, the people at AGS never played an MMORPG before in their life. New World showed that already.

And Lost Ark is designed to be for no-lifers and/or whales, who like to swipe a lot!

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ye it’s new world 2.0
I’m at 1340 and I feel like I just wanna throw the towel, mad I invested time and deluded myself amazon won’t pull the strings here…

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They might, should have called it “Real World”, would fit a lot better!

and to your weirdass comment
No, lost ark was exactly not like that. It was till now very friendly for people not having too much time. You get most from your 2 freakin chaos dungeons in this game. You can progress at a really decent pace by playing 40m a day, just each day.

Amazon made it the first time in LA history that you can’t even catchup as sweat, but only as swiper. While before even casuals were closer to endcontent than sweats are right now here

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@Roxx Don’t do it like new world, Your content access block is ridiculous. We want to play the game normally, not with 10 sub-characters. Why are the same mistakes being made here? If you bring a honnig update after 1 week, people’s reactions seem to be different.

People should ask themselves simple question and adjust their expectations:
“Is this beat-it-and-leave-it kind of game or (K)MMORPG meant to be played for years?”

Many people are used to buy $60 game, play for 4~8hours and uninstall it after finishing it. Never to be installed again.
Whatever anyone payed here is their choice. I, as founder, did not spend single crystal on item enhancement. I am playing this game. It is not about getting ilvl 1800+ in under one month. It is about everything else outside of that one honing menu.

Some people would be simply happier playing one of those endless adventure/upgrade clickers. Kill mobs, get bigger stats number, rinse & repeat. There are self playing games like that, you can come every day and see bigger number. And that’s where I would advise stats progression oriented people to look for their fix.

Right now my expectation is that a wrongly applied ban should not still be waiting 10 days later…
I think I am asking to much…

If AGS don’t pull their sht together then this will become a leave-it kind of game real soon.

Yes, the first thing that need to fix, big time is the customer service, or lack thereof, the Cs is not setup for an mmo, I highly doubt they understand how to.

Oh yeah, imagine people like to have fun in their Videogames! What a strange idea, right?

Let’s all become virtual slaves to work in this Korean Grind-Economy! That is surely the way to go!

I bet you are also one of those NFT enablers! :face_vomiting:

It’s as if the raid and items and levels are going to disappear if you don’t rush them. Oh wait.

So, your idea of “Fun” seems to be random “Success” message, instead of succeeding at actual gameplay?

And your assumption about me is just that. I am telling people to play game not numbers system.

Reading Comprehension isn’t yours, obviously…

That, is just your projection. And your problem to deal with, not mine.

Nope :joy:

None of these games are F2P, it’s a different mindset.

You just like, go up to the entrance and walk in.
Where are these takes even coming from :eyes:

He’s probably talking from a speedrunning perspective. If you take your time without sweating or clapping your cheeks while hitting the keyboard you’re fine (relatively, it’s still grindy).

You act like the raid is limited time…

You don’t need to do the raid as soon as it comes out. If you want that ability to do that… then invest the time and effort to get there…