What kind of class would you like to see one day?

I’d like to see a Sword and Gun class. I use to play a game called Gunz the Duel and using Kstyle (a form of animation cancels) to fight was amazing.

Here is a template, give 1 awakening, 2 abilities (generator/spender or primary/secondary), 1 Identity

Generator Ability:
Spender Ability:

Role: Female Gunner

Class: Duelist or Axiom

Weapon: Sword and Shotgun

Resource: Up to 6 Ammo

Identity: Swap between sword and shotgun. Swapping to sword increases Defence and generates Ammo every 5 seconds .

Gives Swapshot buff. Swapping to shotgun increases attack speed 10% per stack for 3 seconds, up to 3 stacks.

Awakening: Insta; with sword, flick targets into the air with your sword, dropping a grenade. Swapping to shotgun firing 6 times, juggling the target each shot. Then detonating the grenade bouncing the targets one more time.

Generator Ability: Sword slashes/dashes generate ammo and shields

Spender Ability: Spend Ammo to get swapshot stacks and burst.


Role: Male gunner

Class: Scouter

Weapon: Submachine gun and drone

Resource: pure awesomeness

Identity: Drone suit transformation

Awakening: nuke and carpet bomb


reminds me of dmc dante, would play that class lol…

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Support class that’s not EXTREMELY generic. Why is there no engineer support? Summoner support? Gunner support? There is so many ways you could make support unique in this game, but they decide to go with the two most bland support concepts. Holy support in melee or ranged flavor.

LMFAO … Sulfuroth


Role: weak point / stagger

Class: zen master

Weapon: nunchucks // bowstaff

Resource: patience

Identity: nunchucks build patience meter, bow staff spends

Awakening: turn into a flurry of nunchuck swings tossing foe into air followed by leaping overhead double bowstaff slam

Generator Ability: nunchuck builders, quick flurries of multi med-high stagger abilities

Spender Ability: bow staff overhead slams or launch abilities with excellent weakpoint

Absolutely love the topic! Really nice to have something like this, considering Forum has turned into a bunch of snowflakes just complaining about anything and everything they can think of.

Role: Martial Artist
Class: Shaolin
Weapon: Bare-hand and Kyoketsu
Resource: Chi
Identity: Elements of Life (Earth, Fire, Water and Air)
Awakening: (Bare-hand) - Slams the ground to create an earthquake and split the ground, creating a shockwave to deal massive damage in its line. (Kyoketsu) - Spins Kyoketsu into flurry of attacks and in the end creating a massive whirlwind sending it into direction of the enemy.
Generator Ability: Bare-handed would be able to generate Earth and Fire. While Kyoketsu would be generating Air and Water.
Spender Ability: Switching between Elements would be similar to Gunslinger switching between weapons and it would result in greatly enhanced current abilities. So there would be 8 abilities on the action bars, depending on the stance, and all of them (except Parry and Counter) would have secondary effect, depending on which Element is picked. Bare-hand would still be locked to Earth and Fire though, and when wielding Kyoketsu we’d be able to enhance our abilities further with Air and Water element.


I want a hunter that can do Tarzan with wirebugs equipped with a chargeblade and a claw to yeet guardians into a wall

Role: DPS/Support
Class: Warlock
Weapon: Damnation Chain
Resource: Blood of the Slain
Identity: Decay and Darkness/ Drain of life
Awakening: (Dust to Dust) Decay sets in a Large Aura pulling in enemies like a black hole and decaying them to dust, movement speed is increased by 200% for 8 sec
RED: skills are Blood skills draining life force of enemies and healing Warlock (Group) for a %.
Blue: skills Decay and Void.
Haven’t thought much further then that i would let better minds do the rest


Actually your resource name “patience” makes me want a class that charges a resource by standing still :sweat_smile:

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Role: Support/Stagger

Class: Umar Forgemaster

Weapon: Single-handed mallet

Resource: Forgeflame (Can be spent to enhance support skills or built up for max level identity skill)

Identity: “Forgeflame Enhanced” and “War Trench” - When in combat, generate Forgeflame passively, building up stacks from level 0 to 3, consumed upon pressing Z key. At level 0, support skills have their base effectiveness, but pressing Z when at level 1 or higher will grant the Forgemaster the “Forgeflame Enhanced” buff, which will apply the Forgeflame level buff to his next support skill. At level 3, the Forgemaster can instead press X to dig a trench, consuming all levels. All party members can enter the trench with G key. The trench has its own HP pool, and mounted cannons that players can fire during it’s 10 second active duration. Note that wipe mechanics cannot be dodged with this identity skill.

1st Awakening: “Ancestor’s Favor” - The Forgemaster calls forth an ancestral spirit to aid in battle for 14 seconds. This spirit can grant a Unity buff for the party, or be swapped to an Arrogance field with the V key.

2nd Awakening: “Paragon of Galatur” - Taunts all targets within 24 meters and reduces the Forgemaster’s incoming damage received by 75% for 18 seconds. All enemies effected receive +6% damage from all sources and have their crit resistance lowered by 20%.

There aren’t really any generator skills since identity builds passively when in combat.

Spender: “Reinforced Plating” - The Forgemaster shields all allies within 18 meters, and reduces incoming damage by 10% for 4 seconds (enhanced to 14% - 18% - 22% based on Forgeflame Enhanced). If the shield if not destroyed during the duration, heal based on shield damage received.

1st Class Engraving: “Anvil of Neber” - Whenever an enhanced support skill is cast, all allies gain a 10% damage buff. Additionally, casting damage/Stagger skills reduce all support cooldowns by 1 second.

2nd Class Engraving: “Hunker Down!” - Passive identity gain rate greatly increased. When in the War Trench, cannon projectile speed, damage, and cooldowns rate greatly increased, and cannons apply burn DOT effect. (Not sure about the numbers on this one). Leaving the War Trench early grants a 15% max HP shield for 6 seconds.

Lemme know if this idea is cool or needs work :joy:. I might write more once I’m off work.

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I want a class that uses a flail. because flails are badass. Preferably at least 5 spiked balls attached.

Flail with shield or two hand flail? don’t care, either works.

I don’t care how they design the skills. aesthetics are more important for me. E.g. I like gunslinger playstyle but firearms in a high fantasy game is a trash tier aesthetic, that’s a NOPE.

Haha ya I went as cliche as possible

Out of curiosity, what are some examples you had in mind for secondary effects? I like the concept.

I hope you don’t mind if I make another… :sweat_smile:

Role: DPS (Gunner)

Class: Evolved

Weapon: 2G-C Arm Cannon

Resource: Ammunition (Z) and Overheat (X), replaces Mana Bar

Identity: “SUPPLY DROP: AMMUNITION” and “APPLY COOLANT” - Orange colored skills consume Ammunition (located above Z key indicator), while building up a Blue bar of energy (Replaces Mana). Blue colored skills build up Overheat (located above X key indicator), while building up an Orange bar (next to Blue bar). When pressing Z, a full Orange bar is consumed to cast SUPPLY DROP: AMMUNITION, fully refilling the Evolved’s Ammunition. When pressing X, a full Blue bar is consumed to cast APPLY COOLANT, dropping the Overheat down to 0%. The Evolved has very short cooldowns, so his primary concern is balancing his use of these resources. Note that skills don’t have to hit a target in order to build bar.

1st Awakening: “RAID: GENESIS CANNON” - The Evolved designates a target area for the Genesis Cannon. After a 2 second delay, the area is hit with a laser strike from orbit, dealing massive damage over a 3 second period.

2nd Awakening: “EMBARK: STEEL RHINO” - The Evolved mounts a custom Mech, gaining temporary access to it’s abilities and inherent +30% damage resistance, for 10 seconds.

Ammunition Ability: “SUPPRESS: GATLING FINGER” - Freely strafe while firing forward in a cone shape, consuming 12/100 Ammunition.

Overheat Ability: “ENGAGE: BEAM TONFA” - Dash forward 8 meters, then deliver a quick forward blow with the Beam Tonfa, building up 10% Overheat.

1st Class Engraving: “LOADOUT: SPECTRE” - Blue and Orange bar now fill passively in addition to manually. Using SUPPLY DROP: AMMUNITION will buff crit rate by 13% - 17% - 21% for 7 seconds, and using APPLY COOLANT will heal the Evolved for 4% - 7% - 10% of max HP.

2nd Class Engraving: “LOADOUT: MAD DOG” - Skills no longer generate either bar. Instead, Pressing Z will enter “OVERRIDE: MAD DOG”, granting +40% - 80% - 120% damage for 12 seconds, and resetting both Ammunition and Overheat to base values. However, activating OVERRIDE: MAD DOG locks out all Ammunition skills. After the duration, a 16 second cooldown begins on OVERRIDE: MAD DOG, and all Overheat skills are locked out until the cooldown ends.

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Whatever Kadan is as a dps class


Role: Dps
Class: Samurai
Weapon: 3 Sword
Resource: Fury
Identity: Stance Switch 3 stances ( 1 blade style 2 blade style and 3 blade style
Awakening: Blade Storm, Blade Lightning Strike ( maybe an 9 Sword Asura Like zorro )

Each Style has different skill like GS

Each skill gives ur fury when u have full fury u can switch to 3 blade style and perform big pp dmg skill

Each fury charge 25-50-100 gives a little buff of dmg atk speed cd reduce

Fox whisperer

Role: DPS support

Class: fighter

Weapon: katana

Resource: chi

Identity: a Shinto ninja that wears kitsune masks. She can change masks to give various buffs and can combo the mask changes with weapon skills for big DPS combos or keep a single mask on for party defense buff.

Awakening: summon a good fox spirit for big heal, or summon evil fox spirit for big damage

Generator Ability: damage

Spender Ability: summon a kitsune fox that does DMG or support.

Super cool, makes me think of a mech

Class: Valkyrie (Female Paladin)

Role: Support

Weapon: Sword & Shield

Resource: Mana

Identity: Grit. Every time your shields absorb damage, you charge your grit bar. When its full you can activate your Berserker skill, increasing the damage the party deals and receive by 30% for 45 seg.

Awakening: Valhalla. Does damage in area while adding a shield to the party. Its effects are increased by 10% for every ally that have die in this battle.

Generator Ability: Sacrifice. A skill that adds shield to the party for 10 sec equal 20% of the max Hp. It cost 20% of max Hp to activate it.

Spender Ability: Swords attacks that heals the Valkyrie for some % of her missing health.

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