What kind of logic is this AGS? Unacceptable

Right, so this will probably be moderated/removed as they know what has happened will generate a LOT of negative publicity for them but hey…

So while i wasn’t at home some in-game mail was apparently sent out to everyone with some juicy free gifts in it, this was a mistake and it could be claimed on EVERY character on your account. They realized said mistake and brought servers down after a while. It took 5-6 hours for us to be able to play again, claiming they were reverting their original mistake (understandable).

But here’s the kicker… apparently they took all that time to decide that they couldn’t remove said pheons, or suddenly just choose not to. Instead the in-game mails were removed from everyone who didn’t have a fair chance at claiming them, and those who did gets to keep all those free pheons (some got 100+). Now, explain to me how this is fair in ANY kind of way? Just because the dev’s/company is incompetent enough to undo what they did. And instead we’ll be getting some “compensation pack” for this waste of a downtime, which those who already got those free pheons also will receive?!

AGS, I’ve been playing this game since release day 1 and spent 2k+ hours on the game. I’ve seen many questionable decisions being made when issues have occurred. But this kind of slams the nail in the coffin, so to speak. Depending on the outcome of this incident and what happens tomorrow with said ‘compensation’, I might be taking a leave from Lost Ark. You seem to be able to do mistakes like this a little too often, and as result piss off a large part of your community. How are we suppose to have faith in the game’s future?

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