What level can you create a guild?

Does anyone know what level you can create a guild? What level was it in Beta? In the RU server it seems to be level 15, I heard in KR it was 30. So just wondered if that had been confirmed and if not could a CM check please?

When you reach the first town

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does the start town count? Or you mean Luthera Castle?

On RU the menu to create one is accessible on an alt even on lvl 14. But I’m not sure if that’s because it’s an alt or not.

It’s on the first town, after talking to the priest and leaving the church I think? I think it’s at the same time you unlock map and all that stuff, if I remember correctly

I checked on the RU server and it’s after you complete the main story quest in the tavern after you leave the church. Though that was on an alt.

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Yeah that’s what I thought. Right after you save Armen you go to town into the church and talk to the priest. Then after you leave you go to the tavern, talk to a girl there and that’s when you get the Guild access and Adventure Book as well