What Makes A Hero Hidden Story


I’m trying to complete the hidden story specified in the title but #2/4 seems to be unattainable? I’m referencing this map to find everything but the second page isn’t showing up for me in game.

Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, were you able to fix it?

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I got 2nd step but cant get the 4th one

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So, i think i figured it out, I found 1, then 2 but i clicked 2 twice cause i didn’t read it the first time before closing, then I couldn’t find 3, so I started over and after clicking each note only ONCE, the next one would show up. Seems to reset if you read one more than once.

I was able to get it. After doing a couple of these hidden stories, it seems that some of them are time-limited. I was trying to complete it as I was doing other things which is why it wasn’t working; once I tried doing just the story, it worked for me.

The same thing happened with the Dododo Song story.

They are indeed time-limited. You get a buff. Usually 15-20 minutes. But some of them are a race, with only seconds to make it between locations.

Not sure if this applies to your issue, but I was able to get around not being able to interact with the hidden story items by only doing one at a time. I think there’s something bugging out with having multiple at once, for example, I was doing Lost Letter and What Makes a Hero at the same time, and only once I completed LL (which I picked up after starting WMAH) did WMAH work again.