What needs to be on the Roadmap to keep you as a customer/player?

Basically the title.

Personally i’d like to see T1/T2 Honing Changes like KR servers and have more classes unlocked. I unfortunatley don’t think i’ll play if they plan to drip feed classes like 1 or 2 every 4 months. That’s too long imo

So, what would have to be on the Roadmap for you to want to keep playing and supporting the game?

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Roadmap cancelled.


For every roadmap delay, a new steam charts post goes up :rofl:

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Uncensored skins.


God I know it. It never ends!

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A cohesive plan that makes sense and clearly defines the start of a road of progress toward the end goal, which is a version that closely mirrors Russia and Korea. That’s all.


Something more then telling me what content i am getting in 14 days. Full disclosure about how and when they expect us to be caught up the KR. Commitment to end the lies/falsehoods/PR smoke screens they have used till now. Release of the skins that are already in our game files.

You know things that will sadly never happen. So they will loose me as a customer but not as a player. Money is the only thing the player base can use to talk to SGR/AGS. So that is what I will use, no more money from but i will keep playing so they have the expense (however tiny) of keeping just that much more world open for me.


T3 honing rate buff, more classes than destroyer, arcana. New skins, more than 1 pack

That would be perfect

Independent of the 2 months of content they plan to focus on, the roadmap should include the entire class release roadmap so players waiting for their main can plan or bail. They don’t need to “run the numbers” to schedule all 7 classes, they just need to do it.


Honing changes/buffs or slowing down content release from the original plan but that is a bad decision in the long run. Honing system as is for where we are at is just plain bad. These percentages should only be for end game min/max upgrades.

A bunch of QoL stuff. Mainly all the stuff KR client has but also the game is overly restrictive in so many ways for no reason at all. Why can’t I switch skills around while sailing when stranded? Why can’t I browse the market while dead. Why can’t crystalline aura give super armor while playing songs or hell sell it for $ in the cash shop. Why do I have to sell certain junk items (for like 1 silver) rather than delete them. Why can’t I favorite any Una task I want. I could go on.

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The most important thing for me atleast is classes. I would really hope that every class would be released within the next 2-3 months at the max. They also need to increase tier 1 and 2 progression so people who are not hardcore players can catch up somewhat at a faster rate. I am saying this as a 1385 ilvl player who doesnt want to wait too long for people to catch up. I would also want to know their plans with new content such as valtan. People who have completed argos are kinda at a stand still and doesnt really have anything other than horisontal content to do. Skins arent really a neccesity for me, but i know people are hungry for them so they are also a requirement. I would say if they dont meet these requirements then people will be mad and some will even leave the game. I also believe AGS and SG knows this which is why they are delaying it to meet as many of these requests as possible. I can’t help to think they are taking it way too slow though. A lot of people are feeling that they aren’t even taking this serious and are just stalling at this point. I hope the roadmap is here within the next week or people will rage quit and i will take a break from the game. As a guy who wants to main an unreleased class the game feels stale. Imagine only being able to play alts and you main is there but you cant play it. It terrible and makes you want to do something else.

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Its also insane how they thought that not releasing the most played classes in korea was a good idea xD ofcourse people are wanting to play them more than what we got now.

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pretty sure its gunslinger which we alrdy have

nothing… I enjoy the game and won’t quit over “missing” features.

I think a lot of the weird decisions has to do with the previous head of AGS, who was previously from the book division of Amazon. Maybe some new leader will work for the better?

classes, new endgame content with catch up mechanics, and an statement/interview/Q&A from someone with desition power in this game, be it from AGS or SG.
all of this in the short future, anything less and the wait wont be worth it.

I would like them to tell us when they expect us to catch up with the other versions.
All decisions would make more sense if we would know if we get the abrelshud raid like next summer or I dont know spring 2024.

Also I would like them to show a clear plan on how they are planning to release the new classes. Not just the time intervals but also if we get a powerpass for every class or just one with the option to buy the other ones if someone is interrested.

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Skins, lots of skins.


Class and Skin information mostly, honing rate buff will inevitably come anyway.

If we get destroyer first id rather know so i can take a break now.

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