What needs to be on the Roadmap to keep you as a customer/player?

Skins skins skins! The most needed side content for honing mats. Skins!

Timeframe for scheduled class releases would be nice. SKINS

Things need to mirror Korean client, up to the content made available to us. So everything up to Argos in Korea, should be available to us. If they did, we wouldn’t have people complaining about 1370 deadzone, skin variations, etc. We wouldn’t be playing a stripped down version of the game that AGS thinks is optimal to milk the western audience.

Im not too upset at the state of things currently. Since the honing mat injection, i do get a sense of progression so for me, it worked.

That being said, I do think a primary concern is classes. A lot of the mats we have are bound which means those classes don’t benefit from these recent changes UNTIL they actually drop. I can understand the frustration of players who feel like they’re “stuck” because there’s really no solution other than waiting.

Better customer service on the Account side, who can help deal with bigger issues, example account bans, suspensions, that were done by mistake with false bans/suspension with bot bans. I get superb customer service with my prime account, best customer service by far. This should transition to their Gaming side as well. No exceptions!

More content - the missing content abyss trials, challenge modes, bridge etc… more content. But I still am enjoying the game a lot, and pleas maybe 3 skins per month. Also anniversary skins thank you.

Yup, pretty much this perfectly. I don’t care about set items/classes…just that they are doing more than saying soon™.

Uncensored skins, new classes, and more T3 content thats missing to help bridge the deadzone


There needs to be honing buff the events are useless since your still failing everything. Classes need to be out faster than 1 in a month, two of the classes leaked arent ones that im interested so yikes if your keeping the one in month rate

I want the classes idc about anything else currently playing on my ru account because of this

Roadmap is actually a myth, it doesnt even exist. What is this topic?

Scouter personally, And SOON. But honestly, All classes need to be released at an accelerated “Accelerated” rate. What they consider accelerated needs to be ramped up 10 fold.

All the classes and their original skins from the korean version.

I want to be able to play Lost Ark, not be drip fed somebody elses selection of what they think i should enjoy.

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Lancemaster date. I literally just wanna know WHEN.

All classes bc of the delay we are out of time, All sources of mats, honing% to valtan bc it help with the reroll of new classes together with stopping players behind a paywall, at least for valtan so f2p can experience the real game, where after the know deadzone nearly killed the game on KR and Legion raids saved, so they can also see who will stick after Valtan and see the real playerbase, content, no censorship, new skins without censorship, npcs without censorships, i pretty much know its daydream to even think AGS would do something for us that doesnt involve a LOT income of money, and if possible Korean customization

The planned introduction of more catchup events for even more mats, maybe honing changes - still too early for T1/T2 changes, but a small T3 increase from 1340-1370 would be great.
NEW CLASS ROADMAP. That part is very important, people NEED to know when their classes are planned to come out, and also skins to satisfy people who want to spend money on the game.

1 Million Dollars

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Missing classes and the missing content to earn materials.

A solid fast plan to get us up to date with KR witin just a few months. T3 honing, skins and the release of all classes very soon.

More classes. I love the scouter I want him so bad.
But I am not planning to leave, even if I don’t get the Scouter soon.
I would agree about honing changes if it’s more chances versus lower drop rate/rewards/exchange of mats. If they just increase honing chances, i’ll most likely leaving the game, I didn’t join Lost Ark to play a casual game.

look at it this way, even if it doesnt come yet. at least you’ll have saved up all your mats for when he does arrive. Im literally just stacking my mats + engravings for Destroyer lol

All of the unreleased classes up to artist regardless of whether or not they will be released in the next 2 months and preferably the QoL updates because it makes zero sense why we dont have those