What?! One class Every 2 months?!

I’m not much of a forum Andy but wow, this is pathetic. Just when SG/AGS were rebuilding my faith in the game after the Argos cash grab they come out with 1 class every 2 months. I don’t understand the logic behind these decisions. The only conclusion I can draw is that they want to put players further behind by delaying class releases so that when the characters do release, it is a longer grind to catch up which will incentivize paying cash to speed up their progression because of FOMO. Now that might not be the case, but that is how it looks to me. I can’t fathom the negatives of releasing classes faster. It’s just infuriating to me because by the time my class comes out, I will have cleared all of the content! I don’t get to experience it with the class I want, I don’t get to master my class learning a new boss fight with my friends. It’s just a farm simulator of content I’ve already done until the next content patch while I have artificial time induced to bring my brand new character to a comparable level to a character I’ve been playing on since day 1. Lmao what is going on here? The only response we get is, “There’s other variables that went into the decision besides player feedback.” from CMs who either work part time or don’t give a **** because the community engagement comes less often than complete sentences from Joe Biden. I hope they revert this change, give people more classes faster, sell power passes, sell skins, sell loot boxes, sell whatever and let people experience the game the way they want in the vehicle they want.


They will change their mind, but it will be too late.
Just look at the 10-year track record that AGS has.

You’re probably right but I can only do what I can do and hope for the best. I have a better chance of 1 tapping my weapon to 20 than getting anything actually resolved but I swing anyway.

I No Swing xd