What Power Pass for Slayer?


does anyone know what power pass we get for slayer? 1340 Gs or higher?


Hard to imagine it’s higher than previous, since it already was 1340 gear. Plus it leaves S.Vern open.

Nobody knows so you won’t be able to get an exact answer until they officially announce it. And they probably won’t until the patch notes.

You can make a guess tho, like you’d think it’s safe to assume we’d get the same express+pass that we did with artist. Doubt they’d give something lower.

Korea has had a 1490 express, but they had that once Akkan/1580+ stuff was out. So I’d guess same as last this time, and a 1490 one with aeromancer imo.

true but Elgacia has 1580 content too (highest difficulty).

To answer your question, people do know, Amazon Games Studio knows.

Korea still only get 1340 powerpass, so its unlikely we get higher.

we will prob know today or tomorrow probably.

it should be a 1340 maybe 1370 but thats not a big deal, the one that matters more is the express event.

Which i would guess it to be 1460 other option would be 1490 cant see them giving us 1445 one.

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