What prevents AGS from releasing summoner, lets say next week?

We already had summoner in the betas, so everything is obviously working
What is the point of holding back things?



The marketing team is determining when best to slow drip the next bit of content to regenerate the playerbase into coming back and spending some money on a new class skin

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It’s probably getting a rework considering there were bugs related to the pets the class summoned.

I’ve heard that, but never found any confirmation of what was going on, if you’ve got a source I’d love to have it. It’s hard to find for me, perhaps my search skills are just pants.


For every additional darn post ask about class release, the schedule gets delay by one more week

So hush hush and be patient. Don’t give me that crap of “omg it’s been 1 month & half I’ve been more patient than ever”.

need this

next week : nope for a simple reason
They will add class and content in major patch
those patch, for now being one per month.
Next patch will be april 14th :stuck_out_tongue:

Chance to get sumoner in april : low. not because “not ready” But because the leaked roadmap said destroyer april, arcana may.
After this, they said “we will go faster on class”… we don’t know “how much faster” but there is more chance to get destro-arcana in april and… others in may than Destro + ??? in april (it is not impossible)

And even if it is a ??? in april, to lower all angry people in forum, it would be smarter to take one between LM, artist and scooter than sumoner. Because far more people wait for each of them.
I hope sumoner for may (and want to play sumoner)

Lets pray with the roadmap :’(

I find it so strange that people always say money but our current version of the game is the most p2w state it will be. Releasing people’s mains right now when it would be the hardest to reach new content without honing buffs or an extended period of material influx would result in people swiping more to get every class they’re actually invested in to 1400. When powerpasses and honing buffs and tier changes come to our game, the grind we have right now will be irrelevant and we’ll pay a small(ish) fee to just get our new mains where they need to be, which will also be helped by the stored materials we will have built-up for their release

they think more about the “people coming back with new class release” when they say “money”

Now that I think about it the whole “classes need skins to be rigged” thing truly makes no sense for Summoner. I mean if that’s such a major drawback and time delay for classes, why’d you remove one that was already “rigged” and add a brand new class WITH class specific skins for it.

Honestly Eszikek I really don’t know why she’s still not in. Whether it’s some contract nonsense or AGS/Smilegate purposely holding her back, at this point I’m beyond bitter and annoyed. Reasons mean nothing anymore. Once they finish putting together that 1 billion sized puzzle piece and complete the roadmap, letting me know Summoner is shafted yet again for reasons, I can finally quit entirely and never look back. The whole Summoner situation is really insulting.

People have said that Summoner was pulled because she’s due for a rework, but I’ve also heard Destroyer is one of the most disliked/underused/worst performing classes in Korea so shouldn’t that also get a rework?

When this magical roadmap comes out I hope there’s some explanation on which classes are coming and why/how they came to those decisions.