What reason nerfe PVE

Are you basing it on Korean PVE damage? You just launched a very cool boss with wonderful mechanics “valtans” on the BR server and regions and at the same time nerf the most popular classes in the GAME…
In a series easier to buff other vocations? harming the vocation causes players to give up the little game

I sincerely hope that this GAME will strengthen a lot in our region, but it will end up killing the game that way!

There may be a nerf in the future when our server is at Korean level… but we are a long way from that. :sleepy:

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it’s not a nerf , it’s a balance patch, idk how much you follow the Korean lost ark scene, but many players were asking for these balances to somewhat get rid of the “meta” mentality and make classes more equal

I don’t even agree with the balance, so why not buff other vocations instead of nerfing? It can equalize instead of harm!

Lets just one shot everything while we are at it then.

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not every class got nerfs , some got buffs as well , that’s what a balance patch is , some classes got nerfs and buffs at the same time

Because not nerfing and only buffing is a stupid idea, it ruins content with the constant power creep. The patch was needed, congratulations you are no longer op, time to actually learn the game.

Yea, the nerfing mentality is :poop: af. Instead of nerfing, they should be buffing other classes to equalize the playing field. Nerfing classes has never been good, Blizzard made that mistake with Diablo 3 early days and bled players but after Season 2 came, they started to buff classes through class set items and it was so much more fun now.

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Yeah buff everything to old surge blade level, lets one tap valtan and vykas and brelshaza while we are at it.

Great idea, now we just need to pitch it.

Because all the fight are balances for the “normal” clases not the broken ones … so if you buff the rest the content its just a cake walk … seems pretty obvius and its sad that there are players with not enought braincells to put 1+1 together O.o

Stop it guys, hes already dead

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That’s exactly right… I’m a sorceress Ignate 1455 I’m top of my server and I feel a huge difference in my damage… it was much more to maintain the damage I had and improve like other vocations… kind of annoying that… And other games have ended up with this same problem.

Overall around %5-7 damage nerf to igniter. You got lucky it wasn’t a bigger nerf. Move on.

They rolled back alot of changes from KR feedback. We got a good balance patch. This comming from a surge blade.

Oh look, another idiot that says basically don’t nerf just buff.

Thank god they are not developers.

Snort the others to match… go farm chaos infinite dungeon go instead of coming with toxicity…

Go get a brain, then you will realise buffing everything doesn’t make the game better. Then you can stop posting nonsense.

The friend problem that they only solve to nerf right now with new boss… could have done that a long time ago! They put valtan a few days ago… Other regions already had old damage and probably did well!

What are you talking about? Sorceress didn’t even exist as a class in Korea when Valtan came out over there. You clearly have done zero research to back your claims and are just whining about something that is healthy for the game.

I’m 1445 ignite sorc. I’m glad they made this change. This class & build are way too broken, and still is. Even after this change, ignite is still 10%+ stronger than reflux, and miles ahead of other class that require more effort, more thinking, more mechanical skill. Get a grip jesus.