What server? EU West or Central

I’m just about to start Lost Ark for the first time. I live in UK and was wondering what the better servers are population wise. Should I go West or Central EU. Any recomendations would be much appreciated.

EUC is by far the biggest region with player base i believe you will want to go to EUC more people by far


EUW is pretty much dead, join EUC - biggest rerion in LA

Thanks I’ll join EUC, any particular server or are they all pretty much the same?

from what i know Kadan is pretty much the most active server some say the most pvp players are at Kadan but if you got any friends joining the same server as them is also an option but i will still recommend kadan since it seems one of the biggest one in EUC

EU west is doing pretty darn well - stop spewing lies.

Other than that, EUC is much better choice, more ppl, streamers etc lol

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Thanks I think Kadan will be my choice. Appears to be a large portion of Englich speakers and a good population. Thanks

EUW is doing pretty well and have minimum DC issues. Also you will get around 15-20 ms ping if you are in the UK and choose EUW server. They might merge EUC and EUW who knows.

EUC, no doubt.

EUC, EUW is dead they need a merge

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doesn’t matter both are dead and full of bots don’t worry.

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EUW still exists ?

Yep. While you guys in EUC DC and fail to clear Brel G0 we are already cleared Brel on alts.

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Yep. EUW is getting new players. It’s common to see below 100 roster lvl and the chat “Where is Tooki” is alive yet.

people saying EUW is dead are not playing on EUW lol

Its doing great, and funnily - its better than EUC or NA for time being, for there are no disconnects, auction house works properly etc

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i changed regions a couple of months ago, u need to rethink that , currently on central

the fact that you do not respect your time and are willing to do same thing for 1-2k hours again is your choice Omegalol

i from us west and i time wanna store my item to bank i find this server rohendel

#wheresthegm @RoX can all help me with this hastag ?

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