What should i do now?

Hi i backed to this game and used express on my glavier so now im 1374 i don’t have any alt but when they will fix pass problem i will use it on aracana probably the question is what should i do get my glavier to 1415 to do unlock valtan or first wait for pass fix and express aracana to 1370 ?
my glavier is on full 6lvl games i have 4x3 engravings

First thing i would do is do oreha hard and then buy an argos p3 bus and craft all legendary gear. Hone as much as u can.

Wait for Lost Ark 2 and pass to 1575

First, create your arcana and if you can afford it boost her to lvl 50 with knowledge transfer to vern. I think from there on you can stack up resting bonus for chaosdungeons, guardians and unas. This will provide a good start for your arcana when you power pass her to 1370.

For your glavier hone to 1400 or more so you can play argos p3. This will increase your raw gold income aswell open up better chaos dungeons + few accessorys. Also do the oreha hards for extra gold and some legendary accessorys.
Further i would also go for valtan, as raiding in this game is the most fun content (imo).
Just be carefull that you do oreha hard before honing to 1415 as this will lock you out for gold drop. After that you can do valtan normal.

Also you might want to create some alts to boost your general gold income per week. This will afford some time to set up but it will be worth it in the long run.

Honestly, do not create arcana if you wont play her a lot. She is a damn hard and expensive alt.
Else Oreha Hard and Argos, hone hone hone :smiley:

I perosnaly make at least 2 more alt knowledge transfer to vern.and useing event mats, do some chaos and una task with them with go up on the tower they soon become t3 alt provideing more mats.i hone your main as far as possible, because going vykas, valtan,argos p3 is a currently best end game content now and I defenetly want to experience it.