What should the price be for Legendary Skins? Knowing the cost in other region

Lots of people are happy the Yoz Jar are gone
Lots of people are mad the skins are gone.

Looking at KR, RU and JP, the avg price for those skins are at around 500$. It’s super scummy and whale. But that’s the design behind it; have few people spend a lot of money to gain them.

Having those skins at the shop is the easy idea. At what price though is the complicated one.
What is your price point?

I’d say 8000 Royal Crystal.

Scummy enough to be over the 5750 crystal, but under the 12000. It’s a business idea, kinda like Valorant.

On an more longterm, creative idea.
Make skins evolve through content. Specially Hell Mode. Have a skin purchase, unlock a “cooler” version once clearing a specific hell mode fight. Exclusive to top players on content that is equalized.

I dont really understand. It can go well beyond 1000$ in KR to get the full set. Now imagine if those were added here.

The only ones having these skins will be RMTers. This is why they probably deleted it.

I agree, but so many people are going “Just add them to the shop”

So I ask them, okay, at what price?

40-100 bucks.

Korean whales might be upset but fk em, they shouldn’t have propped up this crap system in the first place.

You know how they could make a shitton of money?

Fixed price for legendary skins. $50. Untradeable. You buy it to use it on your character. Not to sell it on AH.

That would be a huge blow to RMTers and a lot of people would actually buy the skins then, so they’d make up for the price difference in sheer quantity.

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A very high price… that is what AGS/Smilegate would need to do if they were added to the shop.

Oh ok now I get it. I feel like 50$ is a fair price for a premium skin in the western market anything above that won’t get bought.

you have few options:

  • remove the 2% buff and sell them as normal skins for $50 as part of premium ark pass
  • keep the buff but offer the skins as part of the game and not just shop. Like dropping them from legion raids like the set dropping from chaoses
  • remove the gatcha, offer all the Yoz skins in token shop, and get tokens for dismantling other skins like the current version. And you can regulate the price for skins as you wish. But about $50 might be max. People would be willing to pay more, yes, but it also make it more expensive then what they wear in RL.

Depending on how rare they are they will probably again be seen on RMTers only. Anything thats special and can make it onto the AH for Gold will get eyed by them and you don’t want to encourage them any more. They have their +21 at this point and legendary engravings.

Before anything very valuable can make it to the AH we need to get rid of RMT.

Even Koreans that are non-whales tell people not to credit card swipe for it and buy it from the market so i’m not sure why anyone at all would ever try to argue we should have a pricing structure that comes close to being 500 dollars for it.

Those people are dumb as hell.

If its $10 people will cry around here