What skill gives 25% crit chance for all team members/identity?


what skill adds 25% to crit for more than 8 secs for all team members when team composes of

  • gunslinger
  • shadow hunter
  • paladin

Thanks and cheers

If that paladin had Drops of Ether it would be 15% crit for 30s (if you picked up Flash Orb that’s it). Other than that Gunslinger gives 10% crit rate for 10s, so they had probably stacked together? :thinking:

Hm… nope, we are in the Arena. Or is this new, are engravings applied now after the patch?

Hmm, I would say it’s Paladin’s Holy Sword’s VPH tripod but it gives 30% not 25%… (no mention if it’s party wide either)

It is called “time for the test” (direct translation) and it gives 25% crit probability. But which class skill give it to all members?

Just had a

  • gunslinger
  • artillerist
  • striker

So the only common class would be the gunslinger from the two matches. But what tripods does it. I cant decipher it from the maxroll builds suggested for gunslinger.

There isn’t one.

For Gunslinger, the most they can give is 10% crit resistance debuff and the cookie cutter PvP build doesn’t take any tripod that gives that.

There’s no class in the game that gives a 25% crit buff. The highest is Wardancer/Striker/Glaivier who give 18% for 8/6/6 seconds respectively. Wardancer doesn’t take that skill in PvP.

It says on the icon like “time for the test” or “time for the exam” or “time to proof”, its just my translation.

It said the crit chance is hightend by 25% and something else. Its a red icon and it applies for all.

The closest thing to what you are describing is the Class Engraving for Gunslinger, Time To Hunt.

But it doesn’t have a 25% value.

Time To Hunt gives 20/30/40% crit to Rifle and Pistol and makes you unable to use Shotgun stance.

Peacemaker shotguns have a 25% value cut i believe its crit damage… and its definitely not party wide.

The only class that i know of that gives more than 10% to the party is wardancer. As far as i know synergy doesnt stack. So having a wd, gs, lm, wont give you 38% crit.

There are plenty of tripods that buff individual crit rate in the 15-25% range, but again, they dont impact your group…

Hellooo, switched the language settings now to English. Then we might have better clues, if I have her in my next games. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: cant be bad for improving my English either…

Theres nothing that gives 25% crit buff to the party. That would be the most OP synergy ever. You wouldnt need any crit investment nor engravings. Its not a thing.

So can one cheat it? Or might it be a bug?

Edit: If its a bug, it doesnt necessarily need apply to all team members only because its shown as icon next to each name of the opponent team (I was wondering), but the possibility is there.

That’s the closest you will get. It is not a party synergy. It definitely does not apply in pvp.
the last 30 seconds of the match crit rate is super buffed by around 25-30% if i remember right. It is not a synergy. You didn’t get cheated. You read it wrong.

Nope, I definitively didnt get it wrong!

1st time I took my time explicitly to watch, as the game was lost anyways. (Thanks to the GMs here and on discord who educate me and otheres focusing several things in game.)

And the 2nd time the same gunslinger was in my party and I saw it again.
I will see, what the English description will say, after changing the settings.

Though it might not be the gunslinger at all.

There’s the full list of party wide buffs or debuffs you can place on the enemy that will affect the party.

None of them will give 25% crit.

Found it! :smiley:

I always hide the ui to have a broader sight of view. And this is why I have never noticed so far.
But yet again, thanks to the teachers here, I have a look at it more often lately.

So I found this :upside_down_face::

30 seconds before overtime a burst buff will activate which will increase damage and crit damage. This is something to watch out for. If both teams have tied at the end of overtime it goes down to golden kill – next kill will win the match.

here: Lost Ark PvP Basics Guide: How it Works - Lost Ark Hub

Which means, it applies for every team. However, I believe a higher crit chance is very crucial for those who put stat points on crit or generally use skills in the overtime when this bonus applies which have already a higher crit rate. Though I do not know if that stacks.

Next step: To figure out from which classes I have to stay away from most especially in overtime. ^^

Edit: or to freeze…

Bro you were saying that it was a synergy given by a class…

We have alreqdy stated that the burst buff is the only thing that comes close to what you were describing. It is nit a synergy, its a time mechanic. IE attached to a certain time.

No “bro”. Well then you misinterpreted. Anyways I found the solution and the best of it I can switch the language settings to my mother tongue again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad you found it.