What the content creators don’t wanna talk about

I just wanna share this video, so you can go like it. Let’s show AGS that the current state is unacceptable and their communication about it is too. Also to raise awareness about the content creators censoring of these two huge ongoing problems.



Content creators are “censoring” it? lmao literally EVERYONE is aware of it unless you dont play the game lol


It’s just a click bait title to get us to click and its working

Click where? in the link? i didn’t clicked bro i dont usually click on links lol

You don’t need streamers to talk about it, they are partnered with Amazon on their own platform Twitch, anything they say wrong and makes them upset, they will anger daddy Amazon and lose their money, little they know that the less people play the game, the less audience and viewership they get.

If you are affected like that, post in the forums about your disconnect experience, write a review on steam and don’t spend money on the game unless you see real changes with the servers.

Whether they are downscaling the servers or they are run by bots, or both, the problem is not fixed and the game in unplayable, especially the auction house.


But they actually talk about it lmao, all the “big” lost ark streamers already talked about it and they complain about it lol

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Yeh, I was thinking of throwing some money after a pack the the hervest one, but with the server issues and lack of communication and responsibility from AGS ive decided not to. Wont support them downgrading the games playability

pretty much CC wont shitcan the game they make money from
just like how you don’t talk shit about your boss
Only big streamers that dont rely on one game for their livelihood aka Asmon can trash talk game.

Anyways game is shit but to be expected F2P

For those that say EAC never the cause
As with most KR MMORPGs you treat em w/ the same respect
Enjoy what game has to offer but don’t expect much

As usual its never the gameplay with these games, its the management lol
Same story with every KR MMO ever played last 7ish years
Story always the same partly the reason Lost Ark had such a HUGE hype population in beginning
is b/c the community that supported game pre launch were watching it since like launch in KR waiting for an NA release since forever. People were overpromising that this wouldn’t be another “KR MMO” and well AGS/SG proved the world on a global stage it is lol

Besides the questionable changes
10 months later D/C, Pheongate, SH woke skin bug, AH broke, Bots, RMT
Every month something new


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