What the gold nerf really taught me

That there was more casual player playing Lost Ark then I though emphasize on the WAS.




Some people learn to cope with change when it happens

Some people don’t

Thus is life

Maybe Diablo 4 will give them the secret of life they seek

Or maybe they’ll pay 60 bucks for another D2R

Who knows

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Yeah, we have to cope, but doesnt meant we wouldnt say a thing or two about it.

Silent Marriage is unhealthy.


So is a marriage where one person constantly screams and belittles the other with extreme name calling and threats

Which one seems more like the forums I wonder

The one thing is, regardless of the change being healthy or not for the game, player perception is all that really matters in the end

If enough players look at this in a negative light, it’s a bad change. If players quit because of it, it’s a bad change.

Regardless of the math and theory behind it.


Yes, you’re right, i should stay off the forum :frowning:


As we all know though a lot of people complaining love to allude that they’re the majority in these cases, whereas in reality it’s quite the opposite

Either way, if it changes back, ok cool

However I don’t think that’s gonna be the case as we’ve seen what’s happened with just about every other decision that’s been made and complained about on here

All I know is I got my new Bonker to 1460 and wanna get some raiding in soon

Bonk to Victory friendos

Bonk to Victory

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Please, tell me more

casual Player like me doesn’t care much about Legions raid :joy:
i enjoying making Alts
doing dailies
doing contents
just sitting at North vern watching my Alt dancing to wasting time

but this is just an excuse to ran from real world.

Damn, big respect if it’s something you enjoy. Sometimes I wish I had this mentality with games, instead of being hyper competitive and trying to min max everything and play at maximum efficiency

So far i like D4, way more than D2R.

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Bro, that’s literally what makes everyone spend their lives here xDD

Most of us just wouldn’t say it loud

As a player that have a single char in 1475 and 1 @ 1445 with rest below, I have no idea what to do from here.

I cannot earn enough gold reasonably to fill the criteria for the higher lobbies.
Before I could earn quite some money doing the old content and fuel my main, but now that single 1475 have to earn enough to get to 1520 alone… Thats…

Lost Ark never really respected your time that much, but at this point… I returned and was happy a few weeks ago. This change made me consider if I should just quit again.
I aint asking for much, just being able to finish a 3x5 char within 6 months.


May the bonk be with you friend

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