What the hell is that skin?

This is what the warriors get

And this is for striker

A DAMN BIKER…for anniversary we get a BIKER. Striker already misses skins due that they aren’t compatible for him and when he gets one it’s a lame one like this. I’m playing a fantasy game and the majority of skins are cute/everyday clothes and damn mokokos. Can you please start introducing anything more interesting than a BIKER.
Worst Anniversary


Hahahaha, i had to laugh so hard cause i feel you :smiley:

I mentioned exactly this for my glaivier. Where is the fantasy shit? I have people running around in sweaters, jackets and boots IRL. But i mean nothing wrong in fighting an ice turtle in bikinis…? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I actually want a racing helmet for my warriors to ride my winged bike… :rofl:

btw the casual clothing is so bad for gunlancer, we got no weapon skin that goes well with casual skins


I want the helmet on my scouter.

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What we CAN get
VS what we actually get
I’m in a world full of demons and magic and the world is getting destroyed BUT at least I can fight in my headphones and my warm scarf. Because Fashion is what I need to look for, look at the 2nd warrior, he looks like a bodybuilder influencer


You should make a suggestion for a huge tablet and a stylus

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I think you are not happy :frowning:

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:ok_hand: :joy:


i want armors too for my main

i’d take anything that resembles Berserk or something similar to what Gantz had in the super suits

the only skin aside from the one im using right now that i’d be willing to buy for my gunlancer is the butler skin just because those forearms are fucking gigantic man

also they are making skins that are selling
and it’s a coomer game so coomer skins get made and sold

can’t blame them for giving what the majority wants


Id rather not see the very top set on our version, its one of the worse outfits of all time across every region it released on xdd


my guy these skins are already in game u will get nothing new until we get all the old ones, os if u want to look in the future and have a quick peek to see waht coming to some research, your not gonna get anything new for our version

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I really am curious how you character looks like

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They should put the old skins back on the market or unlock the untradeable skins. Most of the nice skins are untradeable.

Let me start by saying that I didn’t ask for something new, there are already skins that meet that criteria but haven’t released in the west. Now as for what you said these skins are being made for Korea and not for the west, different audience, different likes they can and every company does that on a western version. Exactly how they changed the color of the reaper or censoring things.

I will say outfit taste aside the “dark fantasy evil serious plotline” takes for what skins should be like are dumb af. That ended with tier 2. As soon as tier 3 started with punika the developers made a clear change of direction with how serious they wanted the game to be. For some salty kr vets you could accept them having that view but we literally started with punika and tier 3. There is no way anyone was doing punika story or any story after that and thinking it’s the same game as the story from lvl 1-50 and tier 1 and tier 2 lol.

If you want fantasy armor either hide or straight up don’t wear skins.

Skins are made for the Korean audience.

This is what koreans like. We dont have a single word about anything.
We are not the main audience. We just the third annoying friend in the group that everybody hates.

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The story might no be on the same direction in Punika but that doesn’t change the general aspect of the game and plotline. Even with the flowers and dances in Punika the world still falls apart and all that continues in south vern which brings back the same aspect of war.

I know, and that’s why I made this post. Since this anniversary is supposed to be for us at least don’t be happy by saying we introducing a new wardrobe for anniversary, since the audience was supposed to be Koreans. Now as for my post since they did introduced some skins at least make something similar for all characters since it’s anniversary. not a bloody knight and a biker. It’s like introducing for summer a swimsuit for reapers and a clown for warriors. Something is off

Because the polls for these Anniversary skins were held before the gender unlocked Gunner and Martial Artist existed, they used the winning Gunner and Martial Artist skins as a base to make the skins you see.

If Gunslinger and Striker existed pre-poll they’d have their own individual category, and you can see how that’s going to go.

You need to come to terms that the Western version is a port, not a new version. They’re not developing new stuff for us.