What the hell is this lag on Kharmine?

We NEVER had lag issues and now, it takes very long for exemple guardian windows to open, confirmation windows to open. Whats going on

Major bots invasion again ?

AGS woth billions and just dont care to hire GMs to manage bot issue.

Martketing departments: yay look a those active players…


In Azena server, going through 2x Deskaluda, waiting for queue to pop-up with premade and loading took longer than killing a Deskaluda lol

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same we clicked re-entry, took at least 2 minutes to popup confirmation

Same here. Took forever to start a solo dungeon. Glad it’s not my internet.

Galatur server.

Apparently theres a gold exploit at the moment where bots get free gold now with a glitch. Yesterday the shop in game wasn’t working either. :man_shrugging:t2:

Yep, I play(ed) on Kharmine. Yesterday was my last day playing until they do something that has meaningful and lasting impact on bots and RMT’ers. We didn’t have a problem, but these last two weekends have showed that even the low pop servers are being affected by these issues and I can not and will not turn a blind eye anymore. I alreay told others if I played on NA West or EU West or if I had to deal with a queue myself I’d be out. And so I am.

I hope to come back, but not until they make real changes to the game that does not hurt real players. It’s absolutely shameful, pathetic and incompetent what AGS/SG have done in 4 months to attempt to deal with a major problem. At any other business if this was going on this long, you’d be fired and have to get new ideas and more aggressive ways to go about it.

I will not play or support this game in anyway until it’s changed. I NEVER leave steam reviews, but yesterday I did and they got a thumbs down for this reason.