What the thing you would like to know when you have begin lost ark?

So is there anything you would like to know when you have begin the game ? If yes, what it was ?

start horizontal content asap


Not use Vern pass before doing all quests including Shushire.

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Do every chaos gate. Do daily adventure islands. Do ghost ships.

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start alts faster

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Cerberus is tradeable despite what amazon said. Save it and sell it a momth after launch. Same with the skin.

Do not pay attention to the date on the last power pass its a mistake, save it for destroyer

Do not gear alts as you progress with “decent” gear. Go BIS in t3 because pheons dry up fast

The most important thing i wish i knew was the sheer amount of rng in this game for both horizontal, vertical and character progression. I might have decided to play more casually or not at all. I am invested now though. Also i hate content that is on a timer…i did not know so much of the things i want to do would have timers and alarms.

In spite of all this its still hella fun

Use all your daily rapport as soon as you can.

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go at your own pace, dont rush things, experiment with classes and play what you like.


sell platinum skin and Cerberus. spend all ur gold on blue crystals

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Not playing this online gambling casino

Buy platinum pack. I don’t tend to spend much on games (only bought bronze founders cause price was reasonable and wanted a headstart), but platinum seems massively worth it and i regret not buying it every day.

With platinum you got:

-Unique mount (tradeable)
-Unique skin (tradeable)
-Another less rare skin
-Shitton of royals

on top of that, we got a free dupe!
-Another untradeable mount (so you can sell your cerberus)
-Another untradeable platinum skin (so you can sell your plat skin)
-Another lawmaker set (so you can sell your lawmaker)
-Another batch of royals (not for everyone)

Bear in mind that with “dupe” i mean that devs gave them away to every single founder, no exploits at all.

and all of this without doing anything. I didn’t change servers at all, never even made characters on other server and got my bronze founder dupe too. Amazing.

That you should start gathering all card packs as soon as you can. The Salvation card set is broken af.

That bots can get all the way into T3 without being banned.

That infinite chaos dungeons botting is not able to be detected.

That buying gold from third party sites yields 3-4x more gold per dollar and if you’re caught (which is very unlikely) you only get a 3 day ban and they won’t put you in negative gold if you already spent/used the RMT gold you bought.

That reporting bots is a complete waste of time and you could report the same one for 7 days straight and he still won’t be banned.

That relic accessories from the infinite chaos dungeon vendor were going to be tradable, so anybody that botted infinite chaos while they slept/work is about to buy hundreds of tradable relic accessories Thursday and make an absolute killing.

I consider myself to be a smart and experienced gamer so I managed to mostly catch up on everything, aside from obviously gold making methods early on, I regret not starting all those unas reputation earlier, will take extra few months now.

I also didn’t know you can gear transfer when you go to the next tier, so I still have full +15 sets of both T1 and T2 armor sitting in my storage.

Rush to Tier 3, make lots of Tier 3 alts ASAP, start selling all honing mats when prices were 10-15x higher and swim in millions of gold now and watch others struggle with 20-30k and complain how you cant farm gold anymore :slight_smile: