What this means for summoner?

@Roxx can we get confirmation on what the news of the express and powerpass with reaper means for summoner? do we save this one for summoner? will it end before summoner? this wasnt clarified at all thanks

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Full dates and details for these events will be included in next week’s patch notes


please let me allow to use punika pass and express event on summoner instead.

Only waiting to see in the next patch note or ingame, December update should be on 14th or 21st, if the powerpass and express event is set to end on one of those date so you won’t be able to use on summoner, if is set to end in january so you likely will/should be able to use on summoner.

But if you’re willing to wait to use on summoner you can very well wait until the patch note of the week before the week that it expire, if no summoner by that time so use express event in a random alt just to get the rewards if you have any alt eligible.

my bet is that the powerpass and express will be available for 2 months to prevent babies from cryin
BUT nonetheless you will STILL see babies cryin after wasting their powerpass on another alt cus they didnt know and they want another + refund and bla bla

if they dont let me use the express and pass on summoner. im gonna loose my shit hahahaahahah :rofl:

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Kinda doomed that Summoners are getting screwed over on Tripods…

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They got screwed over since the beginner for Sorceress, now again with Tripod and maybe Power Pass and hyper express. Then again there are already 3 Mages in the game, while Assassins only have 2.

All these level ups are nice but I feel people are not spending time on character development and chasing item level way too much that it becomes a burden to others.

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Even with Summoner being a month away, I wouldn’t be shocked to see another event and pass with her release. I think we’re past the point of discussing if a class release without a pass will see any significant amount of characters created.

Even with KT, any release that doesn’t have a pass is basically DOA for attracting new players.

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I think Summoner will come early or mid December - 7th or 14th with Brel coming at 21.12 for the holidays.

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that’s kinda what i also think will happen, but we never know how AGS can turn things out, they have the talent to surprise or disapoint us…
Also we should have some winter celebration/anniversary so we never know if they’re going to juice us even more.

or they can make it so its not expired, so they dont have to make another express pass

My bet is that these 2 (Hyper express and Powerpass) will last for 3 months, up to basically Artist release where a new Event/PowerPass will release.

If the events ends before Summoner release (excepted to be 7th Dec.) then you will most likely get another event for Summoner. But that’s very unlikely considering we’re expecting 3 weeks in-between Reaper and Summoner.

So yeah, 95% chance here that this event is shared with Summoner and Reaper.

that is so unfair. I was going to main her. geez. Why is there so much unfairness happening in this version of the game? tripods are such a huge deal, everyone has a lvl 5 tripod and summoners are left out. Come on

100% this :upside_down_face:

So what? they should wait that every classes are here to release this change?

At some point we’ll get them to Lv5, it will just take time but we’ll at least get 20% instead of 10 with juice, after waiting 10month, i can still have a bit of patience once she’s out !

What do you mean? Reapers also has to gear themselves with tripods in the new system.

You said that not me. I’m expressing my opinion on how unfair it is since we almost got the new classes but literally missed an important patch just before we get them.

It is indead sad that 2 subclasses won’t get the advantage of library tripods, but still it will be really good for us to have it and finaly enjoy it on our current characters, we can’t have everything and i’m glad we won’t wait more for it.